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By Martin Beck Nworah (MBN)
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Within the human society, I realized that some issues are better not discussed because of the way individuals feel about it. As for Martin Beck Nworah, keeping quiet on the issue of masturbation is a very big sin because I won't be living up to my personal creed of helping my generation to be better informed and equipped for the future. It is masturbation and I am happy to discuss it over and over again because it is happening in our society. If you feel insulted or let down, do well to carry your hypocrisy and sainthood to your backyard.

Masturbation is simply the act of stimulating the sexual organs of the body with one's hands or with the help of a tool (like a sex toy) in order to get sexual satisfaction. No matter what you've heard about masturbation, medical experts have readily asserted that there's little or no negative implication of masturbation. YES! You heard that right. Medically, masturbation does not make you less a man or woman, so go ahead and have the fun of your life.

But let's see it from another stand point. Our Nigerian contemporary society sees masturbation as a very big sin. Religion also axes masturbation as a sin against the human body and against God. In a typical Nigerian society, you rarely see any difference between societal and religious views. So we take it that both society and religion condemns masturbation. But my worry as Martin Beck Nworah is that many people still do it...both male and female. And these people would rather hide the fact that they indulge in it while criticizing others who come out in the open to seek for help because they want to stop it.

Masturbation has little or no medical implications (negatively) and that is well settled to a large extent. But what about your relationship with others? If there's anything I'm sure of, its the fact that once one can get sexual satisfaction by self-stimulation, the urge for the opposite sex will start reducing. Let's play out a simple scenario. I see a very beautiful lady who is charming and has all the right things in the right places. I cannot summon the courage to walk up to her and tell her my intentions of marrying her (Yeah I used marriage before some people will tag along to preach about the evil of having a boyfriend or girlfriend...topic for another day). After admiring her body contours, I will go home, replay the scene of meeting her in my head and stimulate myself to get the type of satisfaction I would've gotten if I had real sex with her. The problem will now start to develop because instead of working on myself to gain more confidence in talking to ladies, I'll end up dealing a great harm to myself and my sexual life by self-stimulation. And the risk of confusion is also very high because you won't know if the problem you're having is as a result of poor communication skills, lack of self confidence or if your village people are using you to break cola nut every morning.

Masturbation is medically good, socially bad, religiously bad and I'm personally indifferent about it. But if I'm to give my personal advice, I would advice you not to indulge in it. It has a way of denying you many good things that would've come your way if you manned up and let go of it.

For the ladies who indulge in masturbation because they don't want to have sex with a guy all in the name of staying pure or avoiding whatever their imagination must have told them..."I dey greet you ooooooo." You will not comprehend the harm you are doing to yourself now till you get married and begin to complain about lack of sexual urge for your husband because you were used to getting it done all by yourself. If you want to stay without sex, please stay without it in all totality.

If you must thread, thread with caution. And if I'm to advice, just forget about masturbation. Believe me, you won't die if you feel you're sex starved and I believe you may have your personal reasons for deciding to live your life that way. Whatever choice you make, just make it the best for your life.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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