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Catholics Can Now Remarry After Divorce But Without Sex – Cardinal

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A prominent group of cardinal has said that divorced Roman Catholics should be able to remarry, but only if they could totally abstain from sexual intercourse.

The group noted that the marriage would hinge on 'no set' rule to ensure that divorcees who got marriage again are properly contrite.

The proposal was put forward by a group of 11 senior Catholic leaders in a backlash against Pope Francis' attempt to give divorcees a fast-track route to forgiveness by the Church.

Pope Francis' reforms, announced this week, are designed to make it simpler, cheaper and much quicker to get a marriage annulment.

One of the Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of Bologna, said that easing the rules for couples who are divorced and remarried "is the mistaken pity of an incompetent or weak physician who contents himself with bandaging wounds without treating them." He said such couples should be required to demonstrate their contrition "by at least refraining from sexual relations with the new spouse."