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Oreo - A Flash Story From A Renowned Writer/author

By Uma Nnenna
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My shoulders were unusually in pain, stiff and jammed. I couldn’t move them; so I couldn’t do what society expects. If I could only move them I would run out and stop her from leaving. But the world would understand that I was blocked from both sides.

I keenly observed my broken and dirt covered nails. Its hard work planting in this season, its hard work fending for her and the kids who she insisted must attend an expensive school. Who said having multiple streams of income pay? Not if there are as tiny as mine, even a dozen wouldn’t pay.

The sound of the young one crying for her mother inside was getting familiar. I am getting used to making pap, cowbell chocolate in over-sized water and crayfish rice. Now the school fees I no longer dread, now I can visit the bend down select market for clothes priced to the size of my pockets.

If she had not locked us inside, I would have gone after her. If she told me she was leaving, I would have tried to convince her. But she didn’t, so it’s okay that I don’t feel bad. After all I couldn’t move.