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Lesbian Virginity

By Martin Beck Nworah (MBN)
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When I was about 5 or 7 years old in the late 20th century, I took great joy and satisfaction in escorting my mum to the saloon to make her hair. There, I would sit with other little girls who came with their mothers to make their hair and be the odd one out. I heard mothers advice their daughters that the only way they could lose their virginity was if they had sex with a man. This made me really sad because I lost out on my opportunity of having a girlfriend then because they were all running away from me. Chai! Poor MBN!

While they preached this message of running away from men in order to preserve themselves for their "knights in shining amour" when the time is right, another lady is somewhere telling them that it is better for them to "make out" with a lady because they won't lose their virginity. This sounds convincing to the young girl and gradually, thousands of our girls in Secondary schools and tertiary institutions around the country are turned into lesbians and when they get addicted to it, they end up becoming bisexual just for the sake of marriage. This particular factor is also a MAJOR contributor to many broken homes today because the man may find out at some point. And it will be cached in good English, "we broke up because of irreconcilable differences."

Now my stand point as Martin Beck Nworah is clear. Virginity has divergent meanings to different people just as some people would argue that a sexual relationship between persons of the same sex cannot validly be qualified as "sex". Seeing virginity from the standpoint I'm writing from, it has nothing to do with the societal or religious belief of losing it when you have sex with a man. I'm writing based on the physical breaking of the female hymen.

For a lesbian whose hymen has been broken by virtue of either having sex (of course with her fellow female) or inserting other sex toys into her vagina thereby breaking the hymen and relishing the pleasure of a sexual experience, to still call herself a virgin is outrageous and wrong. MBN is talking about this now because our young girls are been misled every day into believing that the only way they could lose their virginity or have their hymen broken is by having sex with a man. Therefore, many of them resort to taking pleasures indulging in the act of lesbianism since they feel, their virginity won't be lost.

Indeed, there are other ways the hymen could be ruptured, stretched or broken. When a lady is actively involved in a sports like horseback riding or gymnastics, circumstances may lead to the breaking of the hymen. This does not mean she is no longer a virgin according to the societal definition of the term "virginity" and the concept of when one loses it. Surely, she is still a virgin. But for a lesbian, when you're being fingered constantly or a sex toy is introduced into your vagina at intervals to help you relish sexual pleasures, there are high chances your hymen could be broken and in that particular circumstance, presenting yourself to the world as a virgin is total deception. Asides prosecuting you to be jailed for 14 years, you will also go in for public deceit.

Let parents and our young girls comprehend that indulging in lesbianism is not a perfect way of saving your virginity. It burns my ear to hear lesbians refer to themselves as virgins and parade themselves as pure both physically and spiritually, so that rich hot guys like me will come and marry them. I'm serious, Martin Beck Nworah is rich and hot, just that my wealth is still in the future. If you are a young lady reading this, don't fall a victim of wanting to keep your virginity by indulging in lesbianism...there's no such thing as a lesbian virgin once any act to induce sexual pleasure has been introduced into your vagina.

If you don't want to have sex, stay clear of man, woman, animals and even sex toys. In the 21st century, you don't lose your virginity by having sex with a man only. Teach your little ones basic "Sex Education" and save their sexual orientation from unnecessary manipulations when they go out into the society.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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