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Re: Rivers State APC Star Witness, Dr Lawrence Chukwu Fumbles During Governorship Election Tribunal Appearance

By Henry iyowuna Cookey
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Our attention has been drawn to a publication in the social media emanating from the PDP online newspaper SCANNEWS with the above headline. It is pertinent that we set the records straight.

Firstly, the word fumble means: "do or handle something clumsily." It is noteworthy to say that Dr. Lawrence Chukwu PhD, was in a sound state of mind, if this were untrue, then he wouldn't have been allowed to testify before the court. Having established this fact, it is obvious that the one who fumbled are the editors and publishers of "scannews", for deliberately peddling falsehood.

In the heading of their distorted report, the witness is called "star witness", whereas the body of their fallacious report, which shows the details of the court proceedings for Saturday 5th September, 2015, shows that the witness Dr. Chukwu, is not a "star witness" but simply a "witness" as the 2nd Respondent had earlier postulated in court. Which shows the heinous and intentional error on the side of the author.

Also, the report claims Dr. Chukwu was cross-examined but this was not the case as of Saturday last week as is seen at the tail end of their report when the Judge asked if there was any cross examination and he was replied with a "No".

Furthermore, a close look at their supposed points:

1. Admits election took place and electoral materials distributed.

2. Admits accreditation took place in his LGA
3. Says though he is an APC member, he moved freely and was not attacked.

Ordinarily, we would not have bothered responding to their frivolous claims knowing very well that the public is already aware that scannews is a blog created for the dissemination of unprintable lies and deceit. But for clarity purposes, we like to state as follows:

1. Dr. Chuku's assertion is that, election took place in his ward and and few others but not in majority of his ward meaning that a greater number of voters were disenfranchised in his LGA (Obio/Akpor).

2. When asked about accreditation, he could only speak about his ward as materials were not delivered round his LGA and only a few received materials, so he could not say for sure as he was not everywhere at the same time.

3. As an accredited agent, he cannot be attacked as he was on official duty as at the time of elections. More so, he drove round in his vehicle with his driver, had it been on foot only God knows what the story would have been. This was his reason why he was not attacked personally that day and it is obtainable but however does not rule out the fact that innocent APC members were maimed on that day.

We find it shocking to note that the author deliberately cut out a larger part of Dr. Lawrence Chuku's testimony were he said a lot and put out a little piece though distorted to deceive the public. However, we are not taken aback because it is for this cause and many others that scannews have earned themselves the name "SCAMNEWS NIGERIA". It shows the bunch of educated illiterates working within such an institution, though it is widely known that they are a media outfit for the Barr. Nyesom Wike and PDP.

It is appalling that one would goof so early in the day. Oh! The effects of Louis XIII! These days I hear that a shot of the million Naira wine takes weeks to wear off the eyes of these PDP puppets that they always tend to misrepresent the facts. Seemingly, they lost their case challenging the location of the tribunal and same scam news Nigeria in-conjunction with Pst. Jerry Amanpour Needam of CNN misrepresented the story to say Hon. Dakuku's case was struck out (A dream they have always had whether eating, driving, walking etc).

However, we call on the public to disregard these baseless homogous claims as they are poorly seasoned and badly cooked lies from the moribund PDP. Guess what? They will not sell, Rivers people are wiser.

Iyowuna Henry Cookey
Lawrence T. Banigo
For: RSF