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Divorce Saga: Chris Okotie Is Anti-Christ—Emeka Ike Fires Back

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The war of words between top actor, Emeka Ike, and a popular pastor, Chris Okotie, may not end anytime soon going by the former's outburst.

Emeka Ike had accused Okotie of being behind his marriage woes, but the man of God rubbished the allegation and said he won't dignify the actor with a response.

Okotie had reportedly through his media aide that, “There is nothing to what he is saying. It is total rubbish. What is he saying? Why will the pastor be interested in his domestic issue? Will he say he wants to marry the woman?

“What kind of man will be saying that kind of things on the Internet? Why is it that each time any of them has any issue they always want to bring Okotie into it? Responding to the outburst will only make the guy feel important. The pastor can't dignify him with any.”

But Emeka Ike is angry with what Okotie said and has asked if the man of God thinks he (Okotie) is more famous than him (Emeka Ike). The actor described Okotie as 'anti-Christ.'

“I think his (Okotie's) comment is a clear indication that he lacked the evidence to fault my allegation.

“Is Pastor Okotie well-known and popular as I am? How can he say he will not dignify me with a response? His comment actually confirmed my suspicion that my wife is being manipulated either through blackmail or spiritual enchantment to say she was opting out of her marriage after 12 years.

“For instance, at the last proceeding on the divorce suit, my wife said it in the open court that she was willing to abandon her four children and go out of the marriage. Which woman will say she was abandoning her four children if not under a spell? It is clear to me that Okotie is not a pastor but an anti-Christ,” Emeka told The Cable.

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By: Stephen Appiah Yeboa