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Obama In Nigeria

By Precious James
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It was a lovely day,the children rose high their flags,people sang songs with joy in their heart.

The soldiers lightened up the air with gun shots, and the secondary school students marching forward singing a lovely anthem. Colourful flags showing the beautiful green and white colour.

The green colour on the Nigerian flag which represents the green pastures,a land filled with milk and honey. The white colour represents peace and unity.

Soon there was a great noise from the other edge of the stadium,gun shots took the air again,and shortly after then,we heard the sound of the parliaments trumpet. The parliaments trumpet is only used for specific occasion,like this.

I then heard people screaming in loud voices " e don come oo" everyone began to push themselves forward to see the stage where the occasion lead.


wow! I was surprised,happy and shocked,I almost fainted but I didn't.

And so I also tried to push myself forward to see the face of the president of the United states. I tried to reach to my pocket to pick my phone so I could take a picture of him.

As I tried to click on the camera on my android phone, I heard the voice of my mum screaming my name....I then opened my eyes,and then I realized it was all a dream.

I sat on my bed for a while,closed my eyes and tried to continue from where I stopped,but then I heard my dad shouting " the soup on fire has gotten burnt"

Immediately,I ran to the kitchen,but nothing could be done....and then I looked into my dad's face,and now I knew I couldn't escape this. I'm going to hear the story of my life, I told myself........

By Precious Olatunji
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