Nigerian senate rejects U.S. decision to list Nigeria as terrorist nation

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LAGOS, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday described as unacceptable the U.S. government's decision to list Nigeria as a terrorist nation.

Nigeria has been listed among 14 countries by the United States with directives that passengers traveling from the country to the United States by air face extra security screening. The U.S. decision came after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year old Nigerian, attempted to blow up a jetliner as it approached Detroit after a flight from Amsterdam but failed on Christmas Day.

Ayogu Eze, the chairman of the senate committee on information and media, told reporters in Abuja that the decision by the U.S. authorities is too hasty.

"I am speaking on behalf of the Senate and on behalf of the Senate President and we are very unhappy about the development and when we resume we are going to take up this matter seriously if they have not taken Nigeria's name off that list," he said.

"We also want to address America that it is in their own interest to address this matter very well and in a manner that will not resolve into a diplomatic row between America and Nigeria," he added.

Abdulmutallab is accused of trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines Airbus as it made its descent to Detroit on Dec. 25, 2009from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

He is alleged to have boarded a plane at the Lagos Murtala Muhamed International Airport, and transferred onto a trans- Atlantic flight at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.