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I Don’t Sleep With Women—Lynxxx

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Syndik8 artiste Lynxxx, is not just one of those regular guys that can be easily seen on the streets as he is trying to put necessary things in place towards having a good career as a singer and as an entrepreneur.

At a recent event held in Lagos over the weekend, the singer was caught up with a tight question from Pulse TV on what song he likes to play while he is about having a hot affair with his woman.

Interestingly, Lynxxx, stressed that he listen to gospel music especially Kirk Franklin, and does not even have s3x.

When asked the shocking question about the song he plays while preparing for a good s3x or would recommend for someone, the singer replied thus, “I don't, I listen to Kirk Franklin, I listen to gospel only and I don't even have s3x.”

do what u think u can do and stop mouthing.action speaks more than talk.
By: Kejawa Idowu Dupe