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Re: "Welcome To New Nigeria. Welcome To Change"

By Kadiri, Hussein Momodu
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In a recent Facebook post by Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) who now prefers to be known and addressed as Olufemi Olu Kayode, the former Minister for aviation and media spokesman to ex-president Obasanjo, makes mockery of Nigerians over the recent political appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari, insisting that non (Nigerians) should complain about the outcome. This has generated uproar.

For reference purpose, let me reproduce below the text:

"Nigerians wanted change and now we have got it. Non should complain because this is what our people wanted. Those of us that warned the country that this would happened were insulted and lampooned. Now, we have to live with the consequences of our choice for the next four years.

Welcome to the new Nigeria. Welcome to 'change", the post reads.

He also chronicled list of appointments made so far which he puts at (28) in a bid to strengthen his argument.

For me, I see the present political inter-play as struggle for the survival of 'clientelism and beneclientism'.

While I do have little or no issue(s) with the above, it becomes mandatory for me to respond and correct some brazen distortion of facts which "History as a Descilpine" habhors and I am at 'great pain to do this.

First and foremost, Kayode contends that "Nigerians wanted change and have got it". The question that comes to mind is, does mere appointment of persons synonymous to change? Except I don't understand the context in which its being used. Or, was he positing that non inclusion of Southerners in Buhari’s kitchen cabinet as Secretary to Federal Government (SFG), Chief of Staff (CoS), Aid De Corp, etc signifies agonizing situation.

What Nigerians want at this critical moment is not who becomes what, when and how but who will deliver the dividend of democracy to the Nigerian nation. The primordial fanning of embers of sentimentalism to arouse tension across the geopolitics has never helped the country in its drive towards exterminating acute poverty in the land.

Chief Fani Kayode, I reliably gathered had been opportuned to serve this great country at different capacities despite discordant tunes to his choice.

Besides, Why is Kayode and his Southern folks are now crying wolf when they had the rear chance to fill the vacant stool but chooses to smear their kinsmen before the anti-graft agency. It's no more news that the likes of Babatunde Fashola, Rotimi Ameichi and others yet to be known were first class potentials for the posts. Buhari, who is self-Descilpine personified would hardly commits blunders like did by his predecessor whom, despite schisms against his favorites for appointments would go ahead with his decision. We all knew how he ended. Kayode knows better either.

He was an avid critique of GEJ until the later absolved him to his fold. If PMB fails today, Kayode will be the first to throw the first savour.

Only some few weeks back, we reigned in the media in expository drama reminding Buhari that we have more corrupt public office holders than the North. Succinctly put: 'only Saints can be better found in the north'. Its illogical to shot ourselves in the leg and begin crying for pain?.

Also, he opined that "we (Nigerians) have to leave with the consequences of our choice" as if PMB or the appointees have vowed not to pay salaries of civil servants from the south, cut power supply to the south, disengage southern inhabitants in Aso Rock, halt livestock supply to the south, push Boko Haram to the south, move sea ports from the south, halt oil supply from the south, the list is endless.

It is saddening that the respected Chief, rather than extol the toga of statesmanship, chose to lampoon Nigerians. Let me assure all citizens that there is offing of hope and it wasn't a wrong choice for choosing Buhari to lead you. Whoever he so wishes to work with him, that in his opinion would enable him deliver on his numerous campaign promises made to the country, let's give him the chance!

Afterall, Poverty does not recognize tribe, culture, language, ethnic identity, or geo-political fraternity. Poverty, like an infant only identifies with anyone who solves its "stomach infrastructure".

The drama generated by his (FFK) facebook post which attracted media attention and the resultant backlash as well as media hypes over the appointments saga are nevertheless uncalled for, even though the truth is glaring. Since that's the dominant theme now in Public discourse, I am yet to be convinced how appointments in the past that were not 'lopsided in nature' helped to create jobs for the masses or reduce tuition fees for the average students! My plea is that Media houses should help strengthen our fledging democracy and tightened the North-South bond.

To this end, I dare say "statesmen and media houses must realize that their credibility is like virginity, once when lost due to the compromise of values, it can never be regained and the regret of such act of indiscretion may last a lifetime" .

The former aviation Minister (FFK) further posits thus: "welcome to the new Nigeria. Welcome to change". Does Nigerians desires a new country where wealth would be equally distributed?, (Yes); a nation refining it's crude oil and not exporting refined products?, (Yes); a country free from Unemployment, Kidnapping, Youth Restiveness, moral decadence?, etc. (Yes); a new Nigeria with attitudinal change? (Yes).

What Nigerians detest, I believe, is a continuation of lopsided old order which only subject the larger populice into the hands of the very few for survival.

Sadly enough, we hardly hear the former Minister or his aristocratic class advocating for improved welfare of Nigerians whom they now sympathize with.

'This goes to show how upper caste only raises false alarm on matters that directly threatened their reservoir but turn blind eyes when it affects the Nigerian Masses who struggles to have square meals on daily basis'. Not again!

On the distortion of fact, chief kayode enlisted several appointments (Senate President, House of Representatives Speaker, CJN), en cetera, hitherto not made by Buhari but technically and subtly omitted those made by him that benefitted Southerners in other to create the impression that the General is truly bias towards the region. The alleged Northernization indictment on PMB is shrided on falsehood. The statute books are there.

The other time, it was intense pressure for PMB to appoint Ministers which was widely covered.

In about 1,500 days of his administrative life span at first instance of four years, it cannot be said that no region would be schemed out of 'juicy portfolio' as it's now known. Yet, he's just about 100 days in office now. In due course, each regions would have its share either through reshuffling or other means.

The south has just ended its reign with juicy portfolios tilted to it- (President, SFG, Chief of Staff, Petroleum Minister among others) and we saw the result. Chief Fani-Kayode knows this.

Already, interest groups, Politicians, Analysts, scholars both from North and South divide have been inspired by the frenzy of criticisms raised by the respected lawyer and other eminent Nigerians is still trending. On policy and other national issues, I shall continue to be FFK's fan on constructive criticism.

However, below are some of the portfolios currently domiciled in Southern Nigeria-South East, South West and South South.

1. Vice President
2. CBN governor
3. IG of police
4. Chairman, FIRS
5. Group MD, NNPC
6. Executive Director, AMCON *2
7. Group Executive Director, NNPC
8. Chairman, APC
9. Chief of Naval Staff
10. SA, Media and Publicity
11. Deputy Senate leader
12. Deputy Speaker
13. REPS. majority leader
14. Senate Minority leader
15. Chief of Defence Staff
16. SA, on Niger Delta Armnesty office
17. SSA, National Assembly Matters, Reps
These are the few list the time permits me to present and I believe many more exist.

My honor for FFK and His pedigree remains sacrosanct as he is no doubt an enigma of intellect which am proud of. Thank you Nigerians.

Comrade Momodu, is an award winning Activist, Writer, Media Spokesperson, Political Analyst & Strategist, Private journalist, Youths Mobilizer and former Students' Union Leader. Facebook account :Embassy Momodu. Tel:08120567606

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