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Why Abians Should Thank God

By Chris Nwankwo
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I was opportuned to read the governorship candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the April general elections in Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti’s message which he titled, “Message of Hope for Abia at 24 years” on the anniversary of the creation of the state,in one of our national dailies.

In the message, he called on Abians to devote the period of the celebration to prayer for the emancipation of the state from the stranglehold of the political slave masters, who had in the last 16 years, allegedly plundered the fortunes of the state, leaving the people more impoverished than they met them.

That message is infact timely as it came at a time when Abians should thank God for what He has done in the lives of Abians. Giving thanks reminds us of how much we do have because human beings are prone to covetousness.

We tend to focus on what we don’t have. By giving thanks continually we are reminded of how much we do have. When we focus on blessings rather than wants, we are happier. When we start thanking God for the things we usually take for granted, our perspective changes. We realize that we could not even exist without the merciful blessings of God.

Dr Otti appealed to the citizenry to use the occasion for sober reflection on the state of socio-political and economic affairs in the state since the inception of democratic governance.

He contended that the economy of the state has become prostrate and less competitive now than ever before.

The area of emancipation is where Abians should give God ‘basket of’ thanks to God.This is not the period for Abians to behave like the proverbial Tortoise that was thrown into the latrine and after staying for six days, on the seventh day it should be brought be brought out complained of the odour of the faeces.

Be that as it may, it seems Abia is worst hit in terms of ‘bad governance’ and condones all sorts of atrocities. Because political criminals have not been sufficiently punished in Nigeria, Abia State capitalized on that to ruin the state for 16 years. As recently exhibited, the hearts of our politicians have been schemed to continue to do wrong, believing that they are above the law and that nothing will happen to them. Impunity and political corruption have choked Abia’s development in the last 16 years and Abians can make bold to say that time has come for us to sit up.

In actions and deeds, Abia State seemed to have democratized political corruption and consequently corrupted our democracy to the extent that our political leaders commit heinous crimes without caring a hoot.

Abians should thank God for myriads of reasons, firstly, for giving us President Buhari, who has put his feet on the ground and has vowed to crush this monster called corruption.

Abians should therefore understand that it is no longer business as usual.There are thousands and one reasons why the clamour for Buhari was made manifest. The issue of corruption that has eaten deep into our system was the reason why we wanted Buhari to come on board in the first place. Corruption is the reason why Buhari was urged to contest again after attempting three times. Buhari was elected to clear the Augean stable.He was elected to change our bad attitude and immoral behaviour. Buhari was elected to punish offenders and restore hope to our fatherland. Buhari was elected to deal with political corruption and brigandage. Buhari was elected to change our mindset of “above the law syndrome” Buhari is therefore at the centre stage to rid Nigeria of bad behaviour and political irresponsibility.

The emergence of Buhari is the main reason why Abians should thank God; else it would have been business as usual. He was elected to stop the mess in the land starting with the electoral system. With Buhari at the helm of affairs,there are very strong indications that the tribunal will be judicious in giving its verdict on the real winner of the April 11th and 25th 2015 gubernatorial elections in Abia state. The Tribunal will take cognizance that there were a lot of irregularities recorded in Osisioma, Obingwa, Ugwunagbo,Isialangwa North and Umuahia North Local Government Areas .It should also be noted that some results were doctored; full of impersonation and majority of the results were not signed by the various party Agents that participated during the election. It should also be remembered that the signatories of INEC returning officers were not found on some of the results because documents are said to be valid only when it is dully signed. The investigation of forensic experts shows that some persons thumb printed more than one vote, including the thousands of ballot papers also thumbprinted with bitter kola.The documents from card reader machines central unites Abuja should also be relied upon. The presence of former Governor TA Orji as a sitting Governor, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Olisa Mettuh ,PDP National Publicity secretary, former Defense Minister Austin Akobundu will never be forgotten by Abians in a hurry because their presence in INEC office Umuahia was intimidation and against electoral law. Whoever masterminded the burning down of the INEC office in Obingwa LGA buried PDP in the caskets that were displayed before the run-off election. The INEC materials burnt were the same materials they were asked by the court long ago to allow for inspection but they refused, and were asked to move the materials to the tribunal before they got burnt. How then do we convince the world that election actually took place in Obingwa?

Abians should also thank God that the Chairman of The tribunal Usman Bawa has stated that "no material no election”. Abians should understand that, judgment does not depend on how many false witnesses that testify at the Tribunal.

Members of the ruling party in Abia State had the temerity and audacity to throw their weight around, taking laws into their hands, committing all kinds of atrocities believing that today will never come but here we are today. Theruling PDP heightened fears and put the lives of opposition in Abia state at risk.

They never believed that President Jonathan will lose the election and this heightened their capacity to commit all kinds of electoral atrocities and political irresponsibility. That one person signed the result sheets of 9 out of 10 wards in Osisioma LGA is a monumental electoral fraud. The beating and frustration of a bailiff should not be handled lightly.

Abians should therefore thank God that everybody is now afraid of Buhari, as his fear is the beginning of ‘wisdom’.

In governance, particularly in a democratic dispensation, being in opposition is something else as the opposing party receives all forms of rhetoric and vitriolic attacks.

Abians therefore have every reason to thank God, as their emancipation is at hand.

Chris Nwankwo
Is a Social Analyst & Human Right Crusader
E-mail: [email protected]

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