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And Dr Cripple Replies....

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Few days ago, I received a message from a certain medical doctor in apparent response to my statements regarding his persona, his actions, his attitude and his mindset.

You would clearly recall that I had dissected his mind and chronicled his actions...exceedingly my two-part series "Dr Cripple". I did more...

I reported him to the Department Of State Security (DSS) and copied the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) as well as the Medical And Dental Council Of Nigeria (MDCN).

I hereby reproduce the said message below. Though rendered in poor english, I have edited it for punctuation only for clarity sake:

"It is not one's IQ that makes one successful but social or adaptive quotient (SQ). Tolerance and adaptation are the keys".

My Reply.
'It is clear that as Mr President has identified corruption as a sure killer of Nigeria if allowed to continue to fester, persons like you would not only wish to persist in your corrupt ways, but strive to counsel or bully others into toeing your paths!

As I state categorically that I have no inclinations to "adapt to" or "tolerate" a clime as corrupt as ours, I should refer you to a relevant section of one of my previous articles which states inter alia':

"The word CRIMINAL has never been known to be a synonym for WISDOM.

Of course, persons with criminal tendencies should be "at home" in climes as this. Time has shown that criminals wish for anomalous climes, strive to create, nurture and sustain them, rationalize them and thrive better in them!"

I should also not fail to state that evil doers hide under the words in parentheses to perpetrate and perpetuate evil. As they fail to realise that a new wind of change is blowing in our nation, they, as well as their evil deeds would soon be blown away by this wind!

Your message admonishes me to "adapt" to local circumstances in order to achieve "success".

Whilst reading the word "success" to mean financial success by all means and social success as doing everything imaginable under the sun to be at peace with persons with similar "adaptive capabilities", I would refer you to the link below for a comprehensive response to the pertinent issues raised in your message.

As I thank you most sincerely yet again for admonishing me to toe the "tolerant and adaptive" paths of financial and social success, I must confess I have no idea how to correct your own physical failures.

Getting up from your wheelchair to do those everyday chores we all take for granted would gladden your heart, wouldn't it?

Suddenly regaining adequate bulk, power and tone in your skeletal muscles should make you happy, shouldn't it?

Of course, such transformations in your wasted physique should qualify as "success" in your dictionary, shouldn't it?

It must be such a commendable thing for a man to feel so concerned about the lack of success in a "friend" as to offer such unsoliicted advice.

...especially if the antecedents of the advisor were not aimed at stifling the same success now being advocated!

I never saw a felon like you as ever caring for the survival...or "success"....of anybody other than himself. Which makes me wonder about this change of heart!

And the earlier we all started appreciating people for their strengths and refrain from pinpointing their weaknesses, the better this world would be for us all....

We all have our weaknesses...
And of course, our strengths!
Following is the link I promised you in the early part of this message. Be sure to go through it:

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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