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Unlawful Restriction Of Movement By “Oroo” Worshippers, An Aberration To Fundamental Rights

By Ta’awun Muslimeen Society
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With all sense of broadmindedness and strict adherence to the teaching of our holy Prophet (SAW), we consider the ongoing incident of illegal restriction of movement of people by the Oroo traditionalists in Ile-ife as a blatant violation of the fundamental human rights of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. To our dismay, such illegality is celebrated as if the fundamental rights enshrined in the Nigeria constitution are inferior… as if the Muslims and non-Muslims who do not subscribe to the way of life or believe in the traditionalists have no rights to exist and to move freely.

Assuming a stranger who may be unaware of such criminal tradition and unfortunately travels across Ile-ife and decides to pass a night and he or she falls victim of the Oroo criminal activities in Ile-ife. How can anyone justify such criminally and an evil trap that any person may be a victim of? It is a fundamental role of government all over the world to protect the lives of its citizen anywhere within and outside the country. This incontrovertible assertion hereby challenges the present mood of Nigerian government to the activities of the ongoing Oroo in Ile Ife.

We ask questions within ourselves, is government a conspirator in such criminal activities of Oroo traditionalists in Ile-Ife? If “no” is the answer, it behoves the government to uphold the doctrine of fundamental human rights of her citizens by sanctioning any form of activities by any religious body or belief which runs contrary to the fundamental human rights of Nigerians.

We hereby declare the announcement of Aderanti Oba Wara of Ile Ife who is the leading figure in the illegitimate activities of Oroo as illegal and provocative as he lacks the audacity and power under the Nigerian law to restrict the movement of Muslims and non-Muslims in any part of Nigeria including Ile-Ife. His declaration is therefore a nullity and of no effect whatsoever.

We hope the government and security agents are aware of the possible consequence of such act perpetrated by the people behind Oroo in ile-Ife, an act we consider as terrorism and is unambiguously a threat to the peace and unity of Nigeria

We further warn strongly that their “Oroo” activities should not affect any Muslim in Ile-Ife either directly or indirectly. Ta’awun is ready to react swiftly if any Muslim is directly or indirectly injured or killed by the criminality of Oroo activities in Ile Ife.

Ta’awun calls on the government of Nigeria as the nucleus of the nation to amplify the spirit of the fundamental rights as it relates to the criminality of Oroo traditionalists before it triggers an unquenchable fire of crises which is looming.

For Ta’awun Muslimeen Society
Daood Imran
Amir Ta’awun Muslimeen Society
National Headquarter