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Ethiope West L.G Boss: Then and Now …. Where Are We?

Source: Kparobo M. Ehvwubare
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Life really is full of lamentation. Little wonder the book of lamentations captured it this way when it noted… how solitary the city was, full of people and how she became a window. She that was great

among the nations; and princess among the province; how she has become tributary.

Similarly, the book of Ecclesiastes described life as vanity upon

vanity which it noted was all vanity. The thing that has been, that

which shall be and that which is done is that shall be done and there

is no new thing under the sun (Eccl. 1:9). As the world is becoming

smaller and Nigeria and of course Ethiope west as part is becoming so

Activities of the ‘then and now’ are two opposite poles. The Ethiope

west of Hon. Wilson Omene, Hon. Precious Ajaino and that of ours today

is antagonistic of trio.
If the administration of Hon. Dr. Wilson Omene brought 60%

development to the local government, it is expected that Hon. Precious

Ajaino should upgrade it to 80% or more while his successor Solomon

Golley should do better.
Before now, Mr. Solomon Golley was claimed to be God sent occasioned

by his humility and as someone who is closer to the people, would

ameliorate the plights of the people through massive people oriented

projects and programmes, what went wrong?
In his first 90 days in office, he pretended to be who he is not,

used SURE-P fund to tie Ovie palace road of less than 600 meters,

repairs some bad spots of Oghara dual carriage way and that of

Edjemuoyavwe road leading to the Delta State University Teaching

Hospital, Oghara and built NULGE office half way, only God knows when

it will completed with the current situation. All these were done with

SURE-P funds.
Solomon Golley, whom I know 2010-2012, was not the person I know now

when I was woo into one of his campaign team as National Secretary

(Solomon Golley for Excellence Esteem and dreams). In my own capacity

as the chief scribe, I succeeded in preaching his gospel and bringing

all aggrieved persons on board. Of course I am not Omniscient that

would know the heart of men. Subtle Solomon Golley pretended to be a

saint as at then.
I was in sober yesterday, seeing youths, women even the popular

Oghara Orator (original mozel) was not an exception pouring encomiums

and realigning with Precious Ajaino; (Immediate past L.G chairman); at

the palace for his strength forwardness during his sojourn at the

council boss.
And I asked myself, was this Solomon Golley I knew four years ago?

70% of the people are already fed up with him occasioned by his empty

promises, vague decision and his subtle deeds. Truth is like a water

prove, if buried remains the same.
As the Delta State House of Assembly swooped on Hon. Baro over

alleged fraud, fear grips Golley who jetted out of the country zoom in

occasion by some skeleton in his cupboard as he ordered the repairs of

some of the council vehicles begging the council Lawmakers to shed

Investigations was revealed that in the last three months, he had

jetted out of the country abandoning his official duties, with tax

payers money for more than 3 times for reasons that was not disclosed.

Only God knows, if Solomon Golley has plan for the people of Ethiope

west local government. His predecessor built a standard skill

acquisition situated along Chief James Ibori way, Oghara, perhaps he

did not know what to do. Hmmm the people’s Chairman!

His apathy towards the good people of Ethiope west has become the

order of the day. Mr. Chairman Sir, where is ‘my people will rejoice

when elected of yours mantra’? Please sit up and I see God helping you

in that direction in Jesus Name. Amen.
I have article that will be publish in the next couple of days for

your consumption.
Kparobo Ehvwubare, is a public affairs analyst, social critics, media

and ICT consultant.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Kparobo M. Ehvwubare and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."