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Defeated Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate, Mr Dakuku Peterside needs our help. For a man suffering acute delirium he needs urgent assistance before his situation degenerates further.

Last weekend at a wedding in a prominent Anglican Church in Port Harcourt, Dakuku stormed out of the House of God half way into the service to protest the truth that the Reverend gentleman told him about his loss to Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. Without mincing words, the Reverend appealed to Dakuku Peterside to listen to God’s voice and allow the governor elected by the people to work gracefully without distraction.

As the sermon was delivered, Dakuku’s hatred for the truth and reality manifested. He stormed out of the church with his handful of aides and almost disrupted the wedding service.

Instinctively, I knew that Dakuku would resort to his usual mischief. I was not disappointed when I read his rantings and usual concoction of lies at a meeting of the few APC members left in the state backed by their vocal press associates.

At the said meeting, Dakuku was backed by renowned Nollywood Actor of the rubber bullet fame, Senator Magnus Abe. Both Defeated APC leaders nursing their deep wounds of electoral defeat sang from their hymn book of lies and treachery.

I heard that Dakuku Peterside claimed that PDP members would soon defect en-masse to APC . Both Dakuku and Abe said that the Tribunal would nullify the mandate freely given to Governor Wike by the Rivers State.

These men deserve our heartfelt sympathy. They are confused and are struggling to survive in a harsh political climate imposed on them by the APC at the centre following their abysmal performance in Rivers State. Their condition is further worsened by the 5 percent APC Presidential declaration which has exposed them to the people of the state.

How can PDP members defect to APC in Rivers State, when they refused to follow Amaechi and Dakuku whilst they corruptly diverted state resources for the sponsorship of their party? Is it possible for PDP supporters to follow traitors who have lost relevance nationally and at the state level despite expending billions of state resources on APC frivolities?

If not for delirium, why would Dakuku Peterside think that Rivers people would want to associate with a political party that has vowed to undevelop the state despite the fact that Amaechi provided 80 percent of its campaign funds as attested to by APC governors?

I think Dakuku’s Delirium has reached a critical stage for him to imagine that after his woeful performance as Commissioner for Works and his inability to complete the Andoni-Opobo Unity road to his home town, PDP members would want to associate with him. This is a road that Governor Wike has renewed work and has vowed to complete.

The level of corruption that the immediate past administration in Rivers State engaged in is now public knowledge. The ugly condition that they left Rivers State is known nationally. Everyone knows also that in over two months, Governor Wike has hit the ground running, cleaning the mess left by Amaechi and Dakuku. Rivers State is now a construction site.

While Dakuku Peterside tries to divert attention from the woeful and corrupt performance of his political party in Rivers State, he hides the fact that his party is battling in court to stop the probe of Amaechi by a Judicial Commission of Inquiry.

As is always the case, these men live in deception. To hear them talk about a matter before an Election Tribunal without restraint shows the level of their psychology condition and their eagerness to further mislead their few supporters. If they had a good case at the tribunal, why did they involve the Department of State Services ( DSS ) to intimidate INEC officials. If they had a good case at the tribunal, why have they not released the videos of election malpractices which they claimed they would make public after the election.

The Rivers State Governorship Election was credible, free and fair. Dakuku Peterside was defeated and he should be courageous enough to face reality.

Dakuku is merely driven by his Rivers State resources still at his disposal, but soon enough he and his political godfather will be compelled by the law to return such resources corruptly acquired. It is from the corruptly acquired resource base that Dakuku, Abe, Ibim Sementari and Worgu Boms traverse the studios of television stations in their bid to remain relevant.

It is from this corruptly acquired resource base that Amaechi, the leadership of Rivers APC and other propaganda chieftains are expending huge funds to convince President Buhari that Amaechi should be made a Minister despite overwhelming corruption allegations with proofs.

Rivers State is in safe hands. The people voted Governor Wike because he stands for them. They rejected Dakuku because he is Amaechi's puppet. Amaechi failed the people after eight years, hence they ran to Wike to create a New Rivers State.

Written by Simeon Nwakaudu.

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