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The battle for the restoration of this country started with series of events dating back to the days of President Jonathan, it was actually during his time that we got more enlightened about the rate of decay in our dear country. It got so bad that there were allegations of missing government funds to the tune of $20 billon, $15 million and other huge sums in Naira as well. These series of events actually initiated the CHANGE agenda.

The last administration saw a lot of politicking, propaganda, backbiting and negative campaign melted to many high profile individuals who are in the core of governance as at that time, many whom were governors of different states, senator from different state, party elders of different state infact it is safe to say that almost all who chose to speak the gospel and fight for change actually got the result of what they all contributed and the end of the day.

Critically analysing (summary) the players and actual crusaders of change who made their voices loud and clear amidst the thick politicking and lackadaisical act of impunity used as tool by the last administration shall we find people like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Rotimi Amaechi, His royal Highness, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Dr Bukola Saraki, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Mallam Nasiru Elrufai and a host of others, these actually were the true face of change that we are enjoying today.

How easy can the thought of leaving the comfort of a ruling party for an uncertainty be? How sweet to the ears can it be to be told that one needs to leave his comfort zone for a mere charade that all other parties were as of then? Even if this pronouncement was prophetic in nature, am sure we would have to question the authenticity.

But alas! The common interest of saving this country created the bond and the shield to fight the war. The Change started from the P.D.P not from Tinubu's ACN if am not mistaken, Tinubu is indeed a force to be reckoned with (in the south west) but he has always been a gallant looser who sees the national election just as a tool to grab power without a solid road map of what to use the power for or how to seize the power and as thus subjected himself to his conventional style of easy come and go till next years.

The actors who fought for change where people who had nothing to trade (what trade could be bigger than leaving a ruling party?) they weren't ready to collect anything short of change and ready to receive all sort of blackmails that were to be thrown their way.

Standing tall among these actors is Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president and clearly an elder statesman who as of today is independent of any entity or cooperate individual by his personal self and status he had attained would never stoop so low to do the bidding of Tinubu of any self acclaimed change agent because the question will be that, at what rate was OBJ bought to betray P.D.P warranting his many publications and subsequent destruction of his membership card? Clearly it must be change driven.

Another key actor is Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state who actually was one governor who sat in the middle of the war and didn't blink for a split second; he had to contend with a minister who has the backing of the federal power and was using it unguarded and without any one to check him and this really gave the governor his money's worth.

One other key players in the whole political struggle was Senator Saraki from Kwara state, for a serving senator to stand in the middle of the red chambers and point out cases of mismanagement in the midst of vultures who are beneficiaries of the accrued illegal funds is a suicidal move i n fact to face Boko Haram would have been a better choice. He raised the issue of Subsidy Scam, Kerosene Scam and I bet that if it were some other wanna be heroes, they gladly will trade away millions of Nigerians and keep quiet. It is wise to say that this event in the senate was the main jaw breaker for the P.D.P and the true start point of the CHANGE crusade.

Also on board was Sanusi's $20 billion unremitted money by the NNPC which Senator Bukola made sure that Nigerians got wind and the updates.

All men played specific roles in our individual capacities without eyeing the chairmanship of any party or group rather to just have a good life was our hallmark.

We are not interested in the politics aftermath but reorganises the true heroes ad crusaders of change.

What new thing could the old opposition have been able to achieve without these actors that fought from within without minding the challenges that is attached?

Nobody can hold Nigeria to ransom and therefore important for all wanna be heroes who only saw the success of the war to acknowledged the strides of the key players from within the last administration that really started the change program

It indeed should be a victory for all of us but some people rather shoes to come with big bowls to ask for food. What should the twitter lords who won't sleep day and night just so that information flow in not broken? They don't have money but were able to contributes something money won't have been able to aqua ire

It is everybody's CHANGE and nobody's CHANGE.
Written by Olukoga Sharafadeen.

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