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The Lies And Fabrications Of Gani Adams Errand Boys

By Akinpelu Adeshina
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Our attention has been drawn to reports credited to Adeagbo Adeola and published in the media discrediting the persons of certain members of the National Coordinating Council (NCC) of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), particularly that of Alhaji Rasak Balogun.

Adeola’s comments, which were clearly scripted for him by his masters in Lagos is anything but true. The alleged dismissal of Alhaji Balogun and other member of the NCC of the OPC can only be effected by the NCC. Therefore, the alleged kangaroo dismissal by the said Mutairu Adeshina, if true, is a nullity ab initio. Adeagbo Adeola might not know this, since he is but one of the greenhorns recruited by Gani Adams to serve as fronts for him in his bid to turn the OPC into Adams personal fiefdom. There are also others like Oguntimehin who do not know anything about the OPC but were foisted on the Congress as part of Adams plans to pocket our commonwealth.

Adeola could not be farther from the truth in his claim that we are planning to destroy the organization we strenuously built to this point. Had we not done a wonderful job of redefining its image, characters like Adeola would have found it less appealing to join the OPC. On the contrary, it is Gani Adams, Adeola’s puppet master that has been behaving crudely like a character from the Stone Age.

Adams has resorted to crude force and violence to intimidate and whip members back in line. It is Adams who went to Agbamu, Kwara State and used force –including gunshots and machetes cuts- to dispel members of the OPC who were protesting his (Adams) impositions and interference in the affairs of the OPC in Kwara State. Adams inability to master his animal nature led to the disruption of the 10th anniversary of the Alagbamu’s coronation, a slight on the royal father who was a leader of the OPC in Lagos before he ascended the throne of his fathers.

It is also instructive to note that it is Adams who has resorted to Fasehun’s tactics of 1999. When Fasehun tried to take the OPC into partisan politics just like his younger brother is doing now, we resisted, removed Fasehun and made Gani Adams our leader. Fasehun’s reaction was to give the data of those opposed to his move to security agents who arrested, tortured, maimed and killed several of our members particularly within and around Mushin. History is today repeating itself with Adams arrest of members in Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area of Lagos among others.

Ours is a noble and selfless cause. Adams has used intimidation, outright falsehood and other forms of tactics to repress opposition over time. And in that time, he has progressively derailed from the path we all swore to take. People like Adeola are only paying eye and lip service so as not to become hunted like one of Gani Adams quarries. Adeola was reported by one of his members in Oyo State that he is tired of going to meetings with Adams in attendance. This he attributed to the persistent ridicule which Adams subjects him to. His sin was to have advised Adams and the NCC to sheathe the sword and make peace with the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Adams had initially been receptive of the idea until Jonathan and his money came into the picture. Adeola has since then been accused by Adams as a Tinubu agent and pilloried incessantly.

In conclusion, we call on all members to remain calm and refuse to be used in furtherance of Adams personal agenda. Adams must and will be removed from the leadership of the OPC just as his elder brother was removed in 1999. We remain resolute on this, and we will not stop until it is achieved. We have had enough of Adam Machiavellian tactics, and were he not imbecilic, reading and hearing comments such as Tunde Fagbenle’s piece in The Punch of March 22 would have been enough to send him into retirement in his Arigidi-Akoko village. But clearly, Adams is a man without honour.