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Buhari's Administration will not be deterred by orchestrated distractions - APC

By ORIH CHIBUIKE, The Nigerian Voice, Abuja
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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has assured that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration will not be deterred from rescuing Nigeria off the clutches of those holding the county ransom even in the face of distractions orchestrated by certain elements in the polity.

A statement from the party's National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, made available to Nigerian Voice in Lagos accused those engaged in fault finding with the Buhari Administration as either having skeletons in their cupboards or being financially motivated to condemn government.

''These paranoid and skittish people daily run to the media to disparage the Buhari Administration. Grasping at their straws, they condemn and criticize everything from appointments to the war against corruption and the battle against insecurity, even though the party to which they belong had 16 years to make things right for Nigeria but chose to suck the country dry, enthrone insecurity and pauperize the citizenry.

''Their design is simple: Make enough incoherent noise in the media with the hope that the Administration will be distracted.

Unfortunately for them, they have failed in their evil machination, because this President can neither be deterred nor be distracted.

While their dogs continue to bark, the caravan of the Buhari Administration proceeds on its steadfast journey,'' it said.

The party noted that while a virile opposition is indispensable in any democracy, such opposition cannot succeed by dwelling on the mundane lies, adding that only good research, strict adherence to the truth and a focus on real issues rather than frivolities can make the opposition relevant.

It wondered how the APC-led Federal Government can be blamed for the blatant refusal of the last Administration to adequately equip the military to confront the Boko Haram insurgency, when even an appointee of the Administration revealed that he was the head of a military that lacked relevant equipment and motivation to fight insurgency.

''What achievement is there for anyone to appropriate from an Administration that will go down in history as the most rapacious, incompetent and clueless in the history of our nation?'' it queried.

According to the statement, the Buhari-led administration has in less than three months hit the ground running in the fight against insurgency, the battle against corruption, the reorganization of the oil sector which it said was the private piggy bank of the last Administration.

''With its sure-footed efforts in all the listed areas already attracting national and international acclaim, does it not beggar belief that the same Buhari Administration will be accused by the apologists of the failed regime of appropriating their dubious achievements?'' the party said.

It further noted the bailout of many states that could not pay the salaries of their workers, the revival of the Nigerian dream, the resetting of Nigeria's diplomatic relations with the rest of the global community and the overdue clean-up of the Niger Delta region, which was shockingly ignored by a President from that region.