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Cameroonians treated us badly: Stories of Nigerian IDPs in another countries

By Tom Garba,Yola
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Since insurgents began to launched their incessant attacks in North-East of Nigeria, at one point of getting over twenty LGAs under their control in three most affected States i.e Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

The results were thousands of people were killed, a whole lot of thousands were displaced to either neighboring state or countries with Houses in thousands were destroyed.

Of recent NEMA revealed that, many Nigerian IDPs in thousands are in Neighboring countries of Cameroon, Chad and central Africa who need to be urgently repatriated back to Nigeria.

Twenty thousands people were discovered to be refugees in Cameroon and their repatriation back to Nigeria started.

About 900 of them took their final lap of the journey to NYSC IDPs camp in Damare of Girei LGA, Yola Adamawa state with touching stories of their experience while in an exile land of Cameroon republic.

An IDP who has been a refugee in kusri because of Boko Haram attacks that dislodged him, he lamented that the people of Cameroon treated them badly and were inhumane to them, adding more trouble,and subjecting them to all form of modern slavery.

Mustapha Galembe who left Gambaron Gala LGA in Borno state exactly one year ago said their life in Cameroon is more of slavery than been refugees,been an international refugees they aught to have had privileges that govern any refugee in others people's country, their right and law that will protect them while in Cameroon is totally being violated.

According to him all they received is hardship with dead threats,as they were subjected to all kind of demeaning life,extorting them of the menial jobs they do in other to survive.

"Life in Cameroon is actually an experience of hell on earth, I was displaced with eight dependents children with my three wife From Gambaron Gala to kusri a Province in Northern Cameroon which shares boundaries with Chad republic. Our bad experience began when we report to the police authority we are from Nigeria displaced as a result of insurgents attacks, as if the announce that we are the real members of the Boko Haram."

"To even rent a House is as exorbitant as you are in Abuja, charging me 3,500 franc equivalent to over 7,000 naira in a months." Mustapha said

He added that" All the places they go doing menial jobs police and vagabonds will later come and be beating them to bring all their earnings"

Another displaced person who identified himself as Shuaibu Sa'idu Suleiman attracted the attention of our reporter as was noticed to be shouting "Alhamdulallah" and crying said he never know is existing until when he discovered is in Mubi, Nigeria after many miles of terrible journey from Kusri.

When asked why is he crying? He replied that Cameroonians are bad and wicked people who do not have any aorta of human feelings.

"At any mistake or misbehaviour beating and all form threat will follow, calling us with all kind of vulgar names, our children are not also free stereotyping them to be children of Boko Haram".

On demanding to know weather the Cameroon Government were given them support to reduce their hardship, Shuaibu said nothing of that kind of gesture they received.

He lamented that even the market in which most of the Nigerian refugees are selling their pity items like tomatoes, onions Okro and vegetables were been molested by the people of Cameroon by extorting their income or sales of that very day.

A 89 year old IDPs who moved with out Gambaro Gala with his entire family, was seen struggling to come out from the vehicle with swollen legs and face,on reaching to him he said" Hold me my son to get down, I can't on my own." Smelling out ugly as a result of diabetes lamented to have received no medications

The IDPs are among the 12,000 Nigerians who have been refugees in Kusri a province in the Republican of Cameroon, who some of them were repatriated last week and camped in Mubi.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) yesterday (Saturday) conveyed over 900 of them to NYSC IDPs camp in Damare,Yola.

The camp commandant,Lt C F Ndukwe while addressing them he assures the IDPs of security support and their basic needs will be well taken care off by NEMA.

He also enjoyed them to be security conscious,not to hesitate to report any face that is unknown to them as their security is equally lying in their hands.

The IDPs who are mostly from Gambaron Gala and Gwaoza in Borno state were given a soonest assurance of taken them back to their respective communities. The assurance was made by the Deputy Governor of Borno state who paid them a visit while in Mubi.