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Is The Apc Is An Anti-ijaw Party?

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1. There is no gainsaying the fact that the most liberal Political Party that has ever ruled Nigeria is the People’s Democratic Party. The political Party demonstrated this in terms of appointments in line with the federal character principle, of key appointments, which cut across ethnic, religious and geographical barrier. This is why most objective analysts described the PDP as a national Party in terms of spread, popular support in all geo-political zones, appointments and structures. The former President Dr, Goodluck Jonathan even conceded defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari even before the presidential election results were formally declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission. This is the climax of political maturity and the aura of good governance and political sportsmanship, which the PDP radiated in the political landscape of the nation. Unfortunately the All Progressive Congress, APC does not have these liberal characteristics.

The APC, within the short period it has been in office has demonstrated that it is not only anti-Niger Delta but acutely anti-Ijaw in nature.

2. The anti-Niger Delta and anti-Ijaw posturing of the Party has been demonstrated in several ways. No sooner the APC led administration took office than the Director General of the State Security Service - Mr. Bassey Ekpenyomg a minority man from the Niger Delta was relieved of his appointment. No reason was given for the action. In his place a Fulani man was appointed. Mr. Lawal Daura who is in an acting capacity demoted Ms. Marilyn Ogar another Niger Delta Director. The reasons for the demotion are still shrouded in mystery. Daura Lawal happens to be a card carrying member of APC.

3. Then President Buhari unilaterally revoked Tompolo’s Contract. For those who know, this contract has drastically reduced oil theft, oil bunkering and violation of oil facilities in the Niger Delta waterways. The award of the contract was cancelled the surveillance and security contract awarded to the Delta-born Ijaw peace maker Mr. Government necessitated by the incessant cases of oil theft, bunkering and destruction of oil facilities.

4. SACKING OF NIMASA DG: The immediate past Director General of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Patrick Ziakede Akpobolokemi is one of the principal appointment given to the Ijaws of Bayelsa State. Ex-President Jonathan appointed Akpobolokemi for a tenure of four years in 2010 and renewed his appointment in 2014. Such appointment just renewed less than a year ago should have been kept until his tenure expires but the APC led government threw caution to the winds and sacked the DG of NIMASSA. President Buhari did not state the reason for the sack. He has been chased to Kuje Prisons with nebulous corruption charges slammed on him.

5. Calling for the arrest of Hon. Kingsley Kuku who in the consensus of Public opinion is the best man who ran the Amnesty Programme is another anti-Ijaw posturing.

6. The mode of appointments is purely Northernized. Democracy is now being defined as government of the North, by the North and for the North. The APC led Government should take notice that the appointments made so far are skewed in favour of the North, but an Ijaw President did not discriminate in appointment. President Buhari is implementing a Northern Agenda.

7. All ex-President Jonathan’s aids: ADC, CSO have been hounded by the EFCC, including the NAFDAC DG. More Ijaw people are on the list.

8. The Ijaws are aware of some clandestine moves made by the APC led government to probe, investigate, malign and imprison ex-President Jonathan. We are already aware of the trumped-up charges the APC government is leveling against a man who has diligently served the Nigerian State at the highest level of government.

9. The APC led Government should take notice that the appointments made so far are skewed in favour of the North, as no Ijaw man has been appointed. While An Ijaw President did not discriminate in appointment, President Buhari is implementing a Northern Agenda.

10. The Nigerian State and specifically the APC led government should take notice that the Ijaw race, which is the dominant ethnic nationality in the Niger Delta Region, has never been conquered. From the days of the slave trade, through the legitimate trade to colonialism and to the present day, the Ijaw race has never been conquered. The Ijaw race produces about 70% of the resources sustaining the country and it will be foolhardy for any government to undermine the capacity of the Ijaw ethnic nationality to prevent being marginalized. We are a peaceful and law abiding people and we believe in the indivisibility and corporate existence of Nigeria, but certainly the Ijaws have a way of resisting injustice, sectionalism and inequity AND NOT EVEN THE APC ADMINISTARTION CAN ATTEMPT TO CONQUER THE IJAW NATION. The question is: IS THE APC IS AN ANTI-IJAW PARTY

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