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Since the slow start of President Muhammadu Buhari, disappointed supporters of the APC have coined the concept, ‘wailing wailers’ to shrug off the sometimes harsh criticisms of members of the PDP. Wailing wailers in this case has nothing to do with reggae music.

This concept to the APC members is similar to ‘Ntorr’ which gained currency during the electioneering campaign as then used by the PDP members. Basically, the concept of ‘wailing wailers’ roughly translated means that the APC members are mocking their PDP counterparts.

They claim that the PDP will continue to weep as long as President Buhari remains in power. They stress that the PDP supporters and geopolitical zones where Buhari lost will wail till 2019. defines wail thus: ” to utter a prolonged, inarticulate, mournful cry, usually high-pitched or clear-sounding, as in grief or suffering”.

Almost all official statements issued from the Presidency, the APC National Secretariat and other prominent members of the party have pointed to the direction that those who did not vote APC would be CHANGED to “wailing wailers”. The famous 97 percent and 5 percent analogy easily comes to mind. The numerous Lai Mohammed’s anti-people statements filled with venom, hate and insults to opponents are terrifying enough.

What beats my imagination is why a political party that canvassed for power for 16 years did so simply to ensure that their fellow citizens are sentenced to prolonged period of crying that will last four years?

Why would the APC and her supporters single out the South-East and the South-south for the unenviable burden of wailing the loudest? Is there any guarantee of democracy under this terror-filled brand of politics?

Already, the media have been kidnapped, the EFCC hijacked, the security agencies politicised and ungodly propaganda glorified in the course of the over 60 days of the APC highhandedness.

What we are compelled to celebrate are selfies by the Vice President supposedly eating lunch at a restaurant, the President drinking N50 sachet milo, the President's wife hugging parents of Chibok girls in Abuja and the numerous threats of who will go to jail for refusing to support Buhari.

The media now offers explanations on behalf of the Federal Government why Boko Haram is now very powerful. The media explains why key projects hitting critical milestones like Lagos-Ibadan expressway and Second

Niger Bridge have been abandoned. The media now looks the other way after every lie and gaffe by the administration. The media is now deaf to the intimidation and harassment of INEC officials in states where APC lost.

I will not talk about the non governmental organisations or civil society groups. Those guys are merely professionals who survive in a harsh economic climate. They care less about the people.

Apart from ‘I will do this’ or ‘I will do that’, Nigerians have nothing to hold unto. Fuel scarcity still persists, insecurity has grown worse, the exchange rate is far from one naira to a dollar, no economic plan on ground, no development agenda has been released and it is effectively a sole administration. Apart from a few persons, the entire Nation has been alienated. Nothing is happening.

Everything that is working is what Jonathan left behind. A stable economy, robust engagement in the political space which is already threatened by the APC, functioning refineries and several other projects that were already completed or nearing completion.

Propaganda and intimidation have earned the APC the Federal Government, but these two cannot sustain the APC. If the APC think that the concept of wailing wailers would be a saving grace, then they are high class comedians like the mouthy fellow who left PDP to join them in their feast. It is shocking that the APC very early in the day are feasting and asking others to wail.

After all, their governors ask people to go and die.

My concluding argument is; Nigerians already deprived by the APC as a deliberate policy of the 97 and 5 percent analogy of the Party should remain steadfast. It is only for a period. An administration that has excluded two geopolitical zones needs our sympathy and nothing more.

A closer look at the government proves that it is only for a select few in just one geopolitical zone.

Wailing wailers should accept the title and continue wailing. We are mourning the error of a nation. A man who breaks your head no matter how powerful cannot stop you from wailing. As we say in these parts, if a KING is dreaded, you use the BASKET to cover your face before telling him the truth. Nobody should deceive himself that the two geopolitical zones can be pocketed through threats, intimidation and propaganda. It will never succeed.

Written by Simeon Nwakaudu.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."