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APC Diaspora Set to Intervene in 8th National Assembly (NASS) Crises.

By APC USA International
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The Secretariat is worried and unhappy with information populated in international newsprints, social media and decided to call around, consult with various stakeholders and folks that matters in resolving the issue. The tenacity should not be taken for: granted, weakness, ignorance or ego. We cannot put life, property, peace, unity, and security of millions of Nigerians in danger anymore. We are calling for “Enough is Enough” – “Bygone is Bygone”, it’s a new beginning for collective embracement. Hence, the need to commence severe negotiations, featuring matters arising. Time to flush out: go slows, delays, distractions, cowboy shows, etc.

For continuous reading, our first article on this matter, was published by The Nigerian Voice APC USA: 8TH National Assembly Blame Who? “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”: 13 June 2015.

Again, we decided to step into NASS crises for the following reasons and as stated in “A New Party, for A new Nigeria. The APC Manifestoes, July 2013”:

  2. Section 26 - Conflict Resolution, National Unity & Social Harmony. We Will:

    a. Establish a conflict Resolution Commission to help prevent, mitigate and resolve civil conflicts within the policy.

    b. Initiate policies to ensure that Nigerians are free to live and work in any part of the country irrespective of ethnic and religious by removing state of origin, afflictive tribe and replace this with state of residence.

  3. Follow up with the immediate past Speaker of the House and Governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal’s led Reconciliation Committee.

At the early stage of NASS crises Prof Isa Odidi (Director-General, Buhari Diaspora Campaign Support Group Center) approved diaspora immediate intervention and opined, it is mandatory for diaspora to commence using their knowhow in this administration where necessary, in a timely manner and wait not to be called upon. According to Prof Odidi, this is our country and we must give back timelessly, if we love Nigeria and wanting to be taken serious! To proffer the best solution in mending fences at both houses, terms were enumerated:

  1. Understand the crises,
  2. Understudy the magnitude of the crises,
  3. Seek local and professional collaborations,
  4. Consult with stakeholders,
  5. Take interactive certifiable courses and or classroom lectures in conflict resolution and negotiations,
  6. Write NASS for appointment to meet,
  7. Gather materials and resources and
  8. Plan to travel to Nigeria.

In the interim, recommend quarterly conflict resolution and negotiation training/compliance, issue certificates of good standing on completion and as needed to party members in attendance. In effort kick start this exercise, did some fact findings, gathered renowned organizations offering such trainings: Carefronting – Nigeria, KNEM Consulting USA, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) Nigeria-USA, etc. Knowing fully well, anyone that works with others is very likely to be a party to some disagreements on occasion. Depending upon the seriousness of the situation, having thorough conflict resolution and negotiation compliance can make the difference between losing National Assembly and Nigeria at large.

Conversely, the secretariat is more than happy with upcoming positive development; relationship building at lower house, believing that things are taking shapes among themselves in resolving funfair. Our perception signifies Nigerians are perceived to have a good feeling about this and looking forward to the upper-house for same. Unvaryingly, needs intercessions’ from volunteers like us to clamp down to the barest minimum further conflicts.

Ms. Ada Mesi Usiade, Diaspora Woman Leader heads the delegation. To function marvelously, she is personally engaged members of California Congress for additional training, other delegates took various courses in conflict resolutions and intervention strategies, including negotiation and lobbying. Committee members are drawn from Canada and United Kingdom; she emphasized APC USA International Secretariat’s openness to APC’s worldwide to collaborate and volunteer. As we await delegation lists, Mr. William John of APC UK is a confirmed member and secretary.

Francis John
APC USA International Secretariat
[email protected]