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Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu Laying On Hot Bed

By Sam Obi
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The appointment of Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu as GMD of NNPC by President Buhari on 4th August, 2015 has been receiving accolades from different quarters as a round peg put in a round hole. Without mincing words, the new GMD's credentials and wealth of experience in the sector march the seat but to as many hailing Buhari for this appointment as a giant stride should not forget that this is not a special record. The immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan did same in his time, he appointed Andrew Yakubu from Kaduna and immediate past GMD, Joseph Dawah from Borno State.

However, there is no how a coin will not have two sides. It was reported in some quarters that he came as an outcome of pact made with Buhari by some power brokers in the sector that bankrolled Buhari's campaign. While the other side claimed that Dr. Ibe came in as candidate of USA to protect their interest in the sector which is part of conditions to assist Buhari’s regime.

The new GMD came at a crucial time when many have lost hope in NNPC, some have even called for its head, while some are referring to it as the fattest body of corruption and other sort of names. Nigerians eyes got opened to the rot when Obasanjo left in 2007 and Yar'adua decided to appoint Minister for the ministry. As we all knew nothing under Obasanjo's regime, who then doubled as President and Minister of Petroleum because he held all information to his chest. As it is today nobody knows actual barrels of oil will produce daily let alone exporting. Also, with revelation from PWC audit report that grey areas are in NNPC books, then Ibe will need thick glove to correct the past. So many troubles to resolve from PPRA template that determine subsidy claims to swap deals, TAM and NPDC. NNPC! NNPC!!


Beside all these hurdles, Ibe has a positive note to stand on, he arrived when all our refineries are about to reach their optimum levels of performance, kudos to immediate past government. Therefore, he should lend us his experience in the oil business as Nigeria is doing reverse of what other oil producing countries are doing. As we stand today, we are suppose to be exporting refined oil not crude as it is only a slothful man that will not roast what he gets from game.

We should leverage on our comparative advantage by supplying to some African countries instead of saddling cabals with the responsibility behind door. To be candid no illegal deal in the sector without consent of major multinational companies which happened to be Ibe’s constituency and connivance with security apparatus. This singular act has been encroaching billions of naira from our treasury without

any remedy.

Another lingering headache is pipelines being vandalise at wills and wishes of organised cabals and we keep spending huge amount annually to fix problem generating by these vandals instead of spending on surveillance. If it is taking USA millions of dollars annually to combat this act then we should tow same path, we need latest technology not man to pipe approach.

To wrap it up, we need to open up this market for more refineries, if USA with over 300 million people can have over 150 refineries and China is without oil yet has refineries to meet her demands. Even though, oil is not selling but it is still paying about 80% of our national bills.

Nevertheless, no matter how it turns out, Dr. Ibe will need to prove to all in no distant time where he stands by his action and inaction, whether he will tow the path of his former paymaster in foreign land or serve his father's land against the cabals called magnates.

Once again Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, you are welcome on board.

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