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I am Not Hurt By How The Media Handled My Issue – Hanks Anuku

Source: Mustapha Inusah -
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Popular Nigerian actor, Hanks Anuku , who has been based in Ghana for some year, now, claims that he is not hurt and bothered by how the Ghanaian media victimized him in the eyes of the public in an arrest case that involved several other members of the film crew .

According to him, he's in Ghana to help contribute to the Ghanaian film industry and the Ghanaian economy , but when people create negative perceptions about him, it confuses him.

“Whatever is the case, I am a Nigerian, I have not said I am not a Nigerian, I have been in Ghana a couple of years now and Ghanaians are nice people, but it's so unfortunate that though majority of the people that were involved in the saga where Ghanains , I was the only one who made the newspaper front pages and headlines on the websites ” He said.

Speaking To reporter Mustapha Inusah about how the arrest all happened, he stated that, he wasn't the one who shot the toy gun , but he was around when that particular scene was being shot , and considering the fact that he was part of the production, he couldn't have just left them but decided to join to the Police station.

As to whether he will leave Ghana because of the incident, he stated that , he's not a criminal and not a harmful person , so he's free to be in any country and anywhere at any given time.

Apart from him, other members of the crew , including George Adu Badoo, Joseph Heisk, Ivy Bentum , Adjetey Roberts, Eluheaka Mensah, Arhin Wakila, Mary Acheampong, Emmanuel Anumaka, Charles Roger, Beckly and sheriff Sany brown were also arrested causing fear and panic in the community.