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In a democracy,  nobody can stop politicians from indulging in self praise. On Sunday,  the APC engaged in self praise with focus on the caged politician from Ubima in Rivers State,  who is presently recuperating from severe political injuries sustained during the last elections in Abuja.

As expected,  Kaduna State Governor,  Mallam Nasir El-Rufai who is a political associate of the caged politician from Ubima delivered remarks to flatter his ailing  political friend.

El-Rufai voiced one of the numerous lies of the APC to justify their loss of Rivers State.  He claimed no elections held in the state. This latest position only confirms what we know about the APC.  It is a party of multiple speak. Lying is a natural tendency to these men. At the last count,  President Muhammadu Buhari in far away United States admitted that he lost woefully in the Niger Delta,  Rivers State inclusive. For this, the President declared that the inhabitants of this zone will suffer consequences for their preference. Recall the 97 percent and 5 percent analogy.

To begin with,  if the politician from Ubima is as popular as he claims,  why was he unable to hold the function where El-Rufai and others spoke in Port Harcourt?  When did Abuja transform to the centre where Rivers State issues are discussed?  This is one of the treacherous reasons for which the Ubima born politician and his political godson were rejected during the last general elections.

They failed to perform and imagined in their hearts that involving the likes of El-Rufai would deliver Rivers State to them on a platter. The Rivers people were tired of the corruption and daylight robbery exhibited by the Ubima born politician and they wanted a pragmatic leader with a history of performance to take over.

The Ubima politician is living in his past. He is a politician with a history,  but lacking a present. The people have deserted him because he deserted them first. The people voted against his candidates because he led them to betray the Rivers and Niger Delta agenda.

The Ubima born politician sold Rivers State to outsiders and allowed them to scramble for the Rivers resources.  The people looked up to Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike to preserve their dignity.  It is expected that the likes of El-Rufai would cry because Wike stopped them from raping Rivers State,  just as they did under the watch of the Ubima politician.  The likes of El-Rufai had their hands in the accounts of Rivers State from where they sponsored their respective campaigns.

The bitterness in El-Rufai is understandable.  They thought that their lies and propaganda would lead them towards the infinite control of Rivers State resources, but Wike stopped them. The only way to massage their ego is to continue with this false narrative.

El-Rufai believes that he won his own election, but thinks otherwise when it comes to Rivers State.  He believes that INEC lived above board in Kaduna State,  but failed in Rivers State.  This manner of reasoning is ridiculous.

El-Rufai believes Professor Attahiru Jega when he declared that the election in Kaduna State was in line with the Electoral Guidelines,  but chose to believe otherwise when the same Jega who sent three national commissioners to conduct and investigate the Rivers State Governorship Election declared the election free,  fair and credible.

It appears the APC is yet to appreciate the enormity of the leadership challenge before them. They still operate like a bunch of opposition elements basking in propaganda and lies. How can a governor of one state comment about the election in another state, if not for idleness and eagerness to impress. To the likes of El-Rufai,  elections were only free and fair in states where their party won. Very funny.

Only those living in denial imagined that APC would have won in Rivers State.  The Ubima politician knew this all along.  That was why he deliberately refused to contest the Senate seat for his senatorial district.  In Kano State where Kwankwaso is on ground,  he contested the Senate seat after losing the APC Presidential primary.  The Ubima politician shied away, despite Wike's repeated challenge.

Let me take the responsibility of informing El-Rufai that there is a political commander in Rivers State.  His name is Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.  His political engineering and strategies are beyond El-Rufai’s propaganda and lies. El-Rufai should ask his driver from Ubima,  Wike is a political hurricane that is stronger than the calculations of lying politicians.

The politician from Ubima won his two terms on the Wike political platform.  Outside that he has no credentials. I am sure that El-Rufai has been availed this fact.

El-Rufai is invited to Rivers State to learn what pragmatic governance means. While El-Rufai travels around lamenting, Wike is on ground delivering democracy dividends to the people of the state and cleaning up the mess left by his driver who grounded the state through poor performance and extreme corruption. Rivers State is a huge construction site over the last two months , while Kaduna State is a centre for argument between the governor and poor beggars. El-Rufai thrives on propaganda and falsehood just like his party,  the APC.

It is only under the APC that a monstrously corrupt politician who blew three trillion naira and used the funds of his state to sponsor political campaign is celebrated. Nigerians are watching closely to see if this Ubima politician will escape prosecution after stealing state resources.  At present,  he is in court battling to stop the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up to probe his theft of state resources.

Without fear of contradiction,  El-Rufai lacks the capacity to comment on an election he knows nothing about. The people of Rivers State have made their choice and one thousand El-Rufais singing incoherent tunes will make no difference.  The involvement of a partisan DSS to use intimidation and evil techniques will change nothing.

If El-Rufai wants to help his driver, he is free to do so. But Rivers State is beyond his level. This is a state of highly educated people with a sense of history and respect for responsible leadership. That is why the people chose their political commander who will withstand the evil forces eyeing the resources of the state.

Written by Simeon Nwakaudu, Special Assistant ( Media ) to the Rivers State Governor.

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