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Need for Wealth Creation in Isoko

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Over the years, politics has become a front burner in Isoko where elected politicians and traditional rulers have creatively benefitted from the largesse of Delta state politics. It is sad that Isoko nation is not just marginalized politically or economically but individually relegated to the background. Isoko politicians have hoodwinked many youths with liability promises in the region. Our Isoko notable social media set up to fight political corruption and marginalization has been hijacked by certain cabals who never wished Isoko nation well.

The dividend of democracy is to bring quality leadership and infrastructural development to the region but the reverse is now the case. Isoko nation is not developing at any level in as much as we promote political mendacities in the region. If #2.3 billion 2015 appropriation bill is signed into law by the present Isoko South Local Government Chairman, Sir Hon Itiako Ikpokpo and his Isoko North counterpart, Hon Emmanuel Egbabor also signed #2.2 billion into law, and then Isoko nation is heading towards vertical and horizontal progress if projects are appropriately executed. But the stake here is that Isoko politicians have impoverished the region over the years with many fabricated lies on constituency projects.

As it is now, Isoko is safe for any business transaction which our Isoko successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists need to invest massively on the growth of Isoko nation. Politics in Isoko only make few rich while over 60 percent of others live in object poverty. The issue that Isoko is not industrialized or not economically viable for business must not be a yardstick for Isoko entrepreneurs not to create jobs for the teaming population. In the South east of Nigeria, factories and industries are established to generate revenues and jobs for the government and the people which ideas were pioneered by individuals in the region.

Again, our agricultural sector is nothing to write home about than still maintaining the subsistence farming which is outdated in the modern agricultural system. Wealth creation is the only tool for Isoko nation to grow from political violence to economic development. Our entire rubber plantation, palm kernel farm, maize production and other food crops lack mechanised system of farming in the region. Building gigantic hotels and motels in Isoko are not avenues for job creation than creating sexual immoralities in the region. Over 40 percent of Isoko people living outside the region either educated or non- educated are doing menial jobs to eke out their living but if functional industries and factories are established in the region, the rural-urban drift would be curtained.

However, politics is only drawing Isoko nation backward than creating enabling environment for the people. If the like mind of Hon Leo Ogor,Chief Solomon Ogba, Chief Ogeh and others cannot influence industries to Isokoland,then our renowned entrepreneurs with integrity like His Excellency Chief Immanuel Emoefe,Chief Adano Benson, Prince Frank Egbobdo,Blessyn Okpowo and just mention a few have the financial capacity to establish companies in Isokoland without stress. If everyone continues to see Isoko as a non-developing region, politicians would take advantage of unemployment situation to use our youths as political thugs and nothing more. The poverty index of Isoko nation is estimated to 60 percent while youth literacy is at 40 percent which indicates that political and economical enlightenment is needed to grow the region. The worst is the caricature empowerment being carried out by some Isoko politicians in recent past years and not ready to give the next generation youth to exhibit their political creativity.

Lastly, some highly placed Isoko oil and gas magnates must collaborate with government and foreign agencies to bring companies to Isoko and train people for the jobs in order to be employable. It is not compulsory that everybody in Isoko must be a university graduate. Economic awareness is needed in the region to create jobs for our youths.IDU leadership has failed to protect the interest of the people than waiting for mere political appointments from both the state and federal governments. Technological and entrepreneurial knowledge is needed to build a small vibrant economy for Isoko people now.

Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited

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