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As a stanch member of the All Progressive Congress, respecter of Tinubu's school of thought and beneficiary of the Asiwaju political family in Lagos which extended to some states in South West Nigeria, I am prompted to write this article because of the on-going political tussle between our party leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the National Assembly's red chamber to be specific. It is unfortunate that this tussle, which I describe as unnecessary, is out rightly contrary to the campaign promises promoted by Asiwaju Tinubu as the party leader which were the founding basis Nigerians voted for our party.

The contributions of Asiwaju to the change we are witnessing in Nigeria today cannot be overlooked, since 1999, he stood as an opposition leader engineering the spread of opposition from its root in Lagos, to Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Ogun, Ekiti which later formed a formidable and ideological force when members of the New People's Democratic Party led by Kwara state former governor, Senator Bukola Saraki joined. Nobody ever thought such political marriage can be possible, at least in our life time, but it's striking to note that what united Buhari, Tinubu, Saraki, Amaechi, Kwankwaso and others is not the struggle for position, but the struggle to reposition Nigeria and set it right on track. If it was personal ambitions, the All Progressive Congress would have gone down history lane far before the elections.

After the elections, Tinubu was lauded at national at international levels; he was commended for wrestling with Federal power until he got the support of other stakeholders. However, these accolades seem to have contrary effect on the psyche of Asiwaju, as he has placed himself in the position of a remote control, controlling the party and sharing political position. Suddenly, Asiwaju put on the garment of a dictator; nobody would have believed Africa still has potential dictators. Even though Asiwaju was applauded for the party's victory at the presidential polls, the success recorded by the party was engineered by key stakeholders who submitted their personal ambitions for the interest and progress of Nigeria. Even though Saraki was in the PDP, while in the party, he stood against impunity even within his own party, not in words alone but in actions. For the first time, the subsidy scam became clear to Nigerians when Senator Saraki raised alarm. This and more are evidences of a selfless interest in the progress of Nigeria.

It must be made clear that what APC enjoys today is not the mandate of an opposition leader but the mandate of Nigerians. Prior to the National Assembly inauguration on 9th of June, 2015, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed threw the party into tension, he changed the party's perception to a one man show, and he made the party become the first party to fight against its own member without cause. Asiwaju struggled to ensure Saraki didn't emerge as the Senate President of the 8thAssembly, he created a media war against Saraki placing a perpetual dent on Saraki's personality, he explored every available means to ensure Saraki would not emerge, even substitution of candidates from Akume to Lawan, and even conducting a kangaroo primary election, but all failed, his struggles empowered and enthroned Saraki as the Senate President.

One thing we must all be clear of is that, Saraki speaks from a national perspective, he speaks on matters of national interest, he articulates the people's problems with lasting solutions, before and after his emergence as Senate President, he waged no media war against his party or personality. In a rough and disgraceful manner, Femi Gbajabiamila emerged as the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives in order to satisfy Asiwaju's interest. Some Asiwaju motivated Senators under the “unity forum” have fell cheaply to serve Asiwaju's interest against the wishes of Nigerians. No doubt, Asiwaju is struggling day and night to ensure Saraki is kicked out as Senate President, with his destructive elements in the Unity Forum, he has held Nigerian Senate and House of Reps unproductive for two months. In the broad sense, Asiwaju is fighting against Nigerians, he is wrestling with our national progress. Nigerians must not take this with levity, as we have ignored our identities vote out poor leadership under Jonathan, we must unite to fight Asiwaju and anyone who comes against national interest and progress.

…To be continued.
Written by Alimosho Olaoye, a member of the All Progressive Congress in Ikeja Local Government of Lagos state.

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