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Insurgency war: Cameroun indicts Jonathan

By The Rainbow
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The fallout of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Cameroun was the indictment of the else while President, Goodluck Jonathan by Paul Biya, President of Cameroun.

Biya accused Jonathan of not doing enough to curb the menace of Boko Haram because he did not involve inclussive actions from the neighbouring countries. He regreted that Jonathan waged a solo war against the terrorist group without involving her neighbours

Paul Biya, disclosed that Jonathan isolated himself from the leaders of Cameroun, Chad and Niger.

Biya, according to a source, said he was sure that leaders of other neighbouring countries had the same experience, and therefore, questioned how Nigeria alone would have contained Boko Haram, knowing it is an international terror group with roots and connections in some other countries from where they get into Nigeria and carry out attacks.

“This solo handling of the problem did not enable the neighbours put in much to solve the problem until it got this bad,” he said.

The source also indicated that the Jonathan administration was lax and reluctant to bring under control people very close to that government who are flagrantly involved in crude oil theft and diversion.

According to the source, while Jonathan was in power, he was aware that certain persons close to him and coming under the guise of the protection of his government were involved in high scale oil theft.

Another source from the security outfit currently interrogating some key personalities of the past administration disclosed that one of them that was detained and later released told security agencies the Jonathan administration was quite privy to crude oil theft using some government agencies and individuals as fronts.

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