Personal Reflection: Those Who Have No Extra Tyre Don’t Drive Rough

In the making of stars, great men and woman, ‘time’ is very fundamental and crucial. According to the popular scriptural and philosophical inference that has stood for more than 2000 years- “For everything under the sun, there is a time and season”. There is a time to be conceived, there is a time to be born, a time to crawl, a time to walk, a time to run and so on.

The same way everything under the sun is timed, the human life is timed and loaded with different stages meant to accomplish various purposes. If a farmer misses a planting season, he has to wait till the next planting season. Unfortunately, human beings do not have the opportunity to live twice, thus, we have no extra tyre (life), we should not drive (live rough).

Human history over the decades and centuries has recorded a good number of great men and women in various fields of life; a unifying characteristic of these great men and women is that they were men and women who understood the times. They were early risers- by discovering an area of focus at an early stage of life and sticking to it for life.

Anyone who wants to make striking accomplishment in life has to be an early riser. Life is a race, not a race against any individual but a race to reach your goal and only those who run in a race stands the chance of winning a crown. There is a time to set out, there is a time to enlist, there is a time to move, a time to sustain and a time to celebrate, anyone that misses any of the stages may only make a living and not an impact; multitude in the world today live to make a living and not to make impact.

We are in a strange age, we are in the generation of youths with angelic brain. John Dell of Dell Corporation became President of the Corporation at 19 and retired at 40 after making a fortune. Many people live to make a living because they are late risers. The power of rising early in life cannot be over emphasized, but once you miss it, it is impossible to regain it. You have to get your bearing right because life without a right bearing is a burden. You must know where you are going and keep going there. A professor who retires from the academia to become a football star may be in for fun because his time has gone.

Why some people are not making impact is because they are late risers and they are not where they claim to be full time. Whatever you choose or dream of, you have to go in for it full length. You are either there fool length or making a fool of yourself. You have to wake up, walk and work the desires of your heart else you will be undoing yourself. With the strength of your youth and sense of vision, you can add a meaning to your life and be humbled by the times and seasons that make a star. Time is running up, you have to make it count, not by gathering wealth but impacting humanity on a visionary platform.

Olawale Rotimi
B.A, M.A Ilorin, DELF Paris.
T: @RotimiLawale

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