Horrible Deaths!

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Retired vice-chancellor strangled!
Magistrate beheaded!
Housemaid kidnaps three kids of same parents in one fell swoop!

Keke NAPEP rider betrays mother's trust and beheads three siblings after fetching them from school!

The decapitated jurist was even a lady!
Of course we are advancing, aren't we? From petty theft and burglary to armed robbery... Then, kidnapping, drug peddling, human trafficking....and now this!

Yet, the experts at prescribing and dispensing terror are still lurking around..snooping for opportunities to throw bombs, pack bombs in briefcases and surreptitiously leave them to detonate at timed periods, stuff vehicles with bombs and crash them brutishly at designated buildings... or even make such suicide missions solo affairs by wrapping their bodies in bomb-riddled belts and blowing themselves up at the push of a button!

Still, we must not forget the merchants of human parts whose stock-in-trade is to lay ambush on unwary passersby, hack them to death and trade off their dismembered bodies for cash!

Or the unscrupulous traditionalists who either use human parts for money rituals or gather detached human heads for accompaniment of kingly carcasses into royal graves!

They only need to declare curfews sounding sordid notes of warning to town dwellers...."to search for their missing goats but not their missing relations "!

Or they stage their "oro" outings without notice or warnng when needs for human heads are rather urgent!

And our governments not only look on but provide needed security for what they irresponsibly perceive as an embodiment of our "cherished transitions and cultures "!

So, as evil forests littered with human parts are "discovered" daily and domestic staff strangle and behead their masters at the speed of light, we must realise that things did not get this bad overnight...

We must be vigilant and be painstaking in conducting background checks on domestic staff!

Of course, there is the problem of massive unemployment, moribund economy and perversion of values.

All these enablers of crime need to be addressed so we do not place our carts before our horses!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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