Reason Why Don Jazzy Did not Acknowledge Dija at MTV MAMA’s Award

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Failed celebrity marriages has been the talk of the town and it is now eating deep into the Nigerian entertainment industry faster just like the way the Ebola virus spreads in the body.

Celebrity marriages is always picked by many on social media because some of them are seen as idols to many and with such news of failed union, it tends to send wrong signals to those who admires them.

Earlier in the week, it was Cool FM's presenter, Freeze, pulling stunts on social media with alleged wound parts of his body with claims that his wife violated him while they were together. Now the alleged unending crisis between actor Emeka Ike and his wife was brought to the front burner with a rumoured court case.

Emeka Ike's wife had claimed that her husband is a wife beater and has left several injuries on her while they were living together.

Emeka who had chosen to remain silent since the allegations emanated on various social media platforms, finally claimed that he loves his wife and cannot point at when he had ever raised his hands on her.

He stated that he has a 14 year old son who has grown moustache can attest to it that he has never beaten his mother.

“If my wife says I am a wife beater, the children would have witnessed such. I have a 14-year-old boy who is grown and has moustache now, you can ask him if I have ever beaten his mother. Never in my life have I raised my hand to beat my wife. I adore that woman and I love her a lot. If she wants to use my love against me, no problem and if people do not believe me, they should go to my former residence in Lagos to ask my neighbours if they ever heard that I beat my wife,” he said.