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“ololololo, Aturu mulu ebunu gba aka nwa oo, iwoliwo oooo!” -Igbo musician

This Igbo song is the product of a popular musician from the East which was very popular in the 60s and 70s. It says that a sheep that gives birth to a ram has no child. This song reminds of what happened in 1976 in my Secondary school days. A father brought back his son who was expelled from the school for the Principal to discipline. When the man was asked what he expected the principal to do, he said “Oga principal please do whatever you like with this boy. He has brought untold hardship, heartbreak and shame to me”. The next morning during the school assembly, the principal brought the boy before the whole school and with the parents physically present. All his atrocities both in school and at home were narrated to all and sundry. The boy was given 24 strokes of cane and a punishment that will take him a week to accomplish. It made the boy a better student thereafter.

Another case was the story of a young man in Lagos here few years back. The young man was involved in cult activities in school. He was also involved in street gang wars and armed robbery. For years the parents suffered the menace of this Youngman which involved frequent police raids at his residence, constant harassment from neighbors and sleepless nights. One day police invaded the man's house for yet another arrest of the young man. The man took the police where the young man was hiding and raised his voice in a thunderous manner, “Please take this young man away and do not allow him to return to this house again”.

I do not know what Fani Kayode Senior would have done if he had been alive to witness what his son is doing to earn a living in Nigeria today. For all the members of the great Fani power fame who are still alive, I know that the actions and deeds of Femi Fani Kayode would have been a thorn in their flesh for years now. Aturu mulu ebunu gba aka nwa.

I began to take mental note of Mr. Femi Fani Kayode in the days of the locusts between 1993 and 1998. I think he relocated to Ghana when the heat became unbearable for him. From there FFK was dishing out articles in support of Chief MKO Abiola. He was fond of quoting the scriptures and I ran away with the thinking thet Fani Kayode must be a pastor. An encounter with him in Abuja when General Obasanjo was the President made me to change my mind. I had gone to see Mr Akin Osuntokun in his office when he was the MD News Agency of Nigeria. Eventually we met Fani Kayode somewhere in a hotel in Abuja and from his conduct and utterances I discovered that he has never been a Pastor and can never be one even till the end of age. Another encounter that led me to understand the inner workings of Fani Kayode's mind was during the OBJ's first tenure. Kayode used his closeness to OBJ to fleece unsuspecting people of their hard earned money promising them positions in Obasanjo's cabinet. A very successful businessman from Anambra who owns an office in Victoria Island fell into this trap. As I was coming into the man's office I met Kayode at the staircase going down with a big suitcase full of money. I hurriedly went to the man's office to know why he had to give that kind of money to Fani Kayode and for what. The man now told me that Fani Kayode promised to secure Ministerial position for him. I screamed! Secure what? I asked. The rest is now history. He took the money away and never got him a Ministerial position throughout OBJ's 8years in office. Fani Kayode must have scammed others for the same purpose. He later managed to get one for himself a Ministerial position.

Yes Fani Kayode served OBJ as a Minister but Obasanjo never forgot to tell us that if you want Femi Fani Kayode to sing for you for years none stop, just give him money. He latter maintained a distance with Obasanjo for something not unconnected with money and sycophancy. He later joined APC and when this ugly interloper and bread and butter politician figured without cross checking the figures that APC may not make it in 2015 ,he left to serve former President Jonathan as Head Publicity Campaign Organization of PDP. Before joining Jonathan he had taken time to pour invectives on the former president , describing him as clueless, inept and corrupt. What it took for this efulefu to jettison all the allegations and name calling against Jonathan is just an appointment and money. This is vintage Femi Fani Kayode!

Femi Fani Kayode had fought with the Igbo on several occasions. He had tried to tarnish the image of Mrs Bianca Ojukwu by telling the world that he once had intimate relationship with the beauty queen. He has also lampooned the Hausa/Fulani of Nigeria and consequently abused President Buhari on many occasions. Even kinsmen were no left out. Anywhere Fani Kayode goes he preaches hate, sells arrogance as a product and speaks garbage as a way of life.

I may not know the relationship FFK has now with his immediate family. I may not know his relationship with the Yoruba nation but I am convinced within the scope of my conscience that nobody takes Fani Kayode serious any longer. The man has gone full cycle with his scurrilous drivels and as my people would say, a broken bottle cannot be repaired.

Fani Kayode thought he will use his filthy and watery mouth to get former President Jonathan and PDP to power but the kite did not fly. The project failed woefully. Now Fani Kayode has joined those who are still lamenting about the loss of March 28 2015. It is a crushing and dilapidating defeat that shook the world of Fani Kayodes and PDP to its very foundation. As I write this they are still yet to come to terms with the tornado and the windstorm that hit them. They wish that Boko Haram will overrun Nigeria so that they can celebrate President Buhari's failure and prove Jonathan a better president. They wish that a dollar sells for N400. They wish that the NASS crisis continue. They wish that implosions should engulf the APC throughout Nigeria. They wish that President Buhari and Asiwaju BAT should be taken to another planet. They wish that Nigeria crashes to the bottomless pit so that they will celebrate but none of this will happen. APC will cancel what PDP claimed to have achieved in 16years in 4 years.

I suggest that Femi Kayode should grow up. I want this one time friend of mine to sit down and reflect on his life. My Igbo people would say that when an old woman falls to the ground two times she is bound to count what is remaining in her basket. I believe that Femi Fani Kayode should be approaching 50 or more than 50. I am told that a fool at forty remains a fool forever. I understand that very soon he will be a grand father, and our culture demands that he should see himself as an elder. St Augustine of Hippo says, “To have ears is not to listen, to listen is not to hear, to hear is not to understand, to understand is not to put into practice”Ololololo, aturu mulu ebunu gba aka nwa oo, iwoliwo

Written by Joe Igbokwe.

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