Ode To Dr. Kisa Besigye

Time has come for all of us,

To say clearly what is to be said,

About truth, justice and humanity,

Virtues that beat presidents of Africa,

In their tribalized political palaces,

In centers of power and filthy affluence

Merely feeding on cheap sycophancy,

Against truth that opposition is a must,

In all worthwhile and virtuous democracy,

A true duty to which Besigye is married,

Let Comrade Museven remove and forego

Cruel and queer culture of political militancy,

From the civil politics of squab like Uganda,

Arresting deviant leaders out of no reason,

It is not strength but shame to your Army,

Kindly leave politics of reason to flourish,

In the human rivers of Jinja and Kampala,

Cradles of culture and aesthetic civilization,

To all our lands around the Lake Lolwe,why?

Our umbilical cords stretch back to Makerere,

Give freedom to Uganda, Museven give freedom!

Ugandans live under fear which they deserve not,

Give them leeway for culture of dialogue,

To share reasons that will nurse their Uganda,

Without wry of soft terror from your wily gunshots,

Let the people talk beyond your life presidency,

As Uganda is over-ripe for family dynasties,

Nor tribal Juntas that safeguard dictators,

But reason and love will glorify Uganda,

Dr. Besigye you are right in your tune,

Fight on sir for the change in Uganda,

To have life without fear of arrest,

For Uganda to bloom flowers of P’Bitek,

We the lovers of freedom and justice,

We love you with all wells of our passion,

As lovers of tyranny hate you with passion,

But what you are doing is acts of love,

Re-do them with ego above jail boundaries,

Terror in tear-gas won’t make you blind,

Nor reasonless arrest makes you mute,

Talk out loudly for Uganda needs freedom,

Alexander Khamala Opicho

Lodwar, Kenya,

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