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Yoruba Boys Have Small Organism…Afro Candy Disses

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Where are all the Yoruba Men or rather boys like Afro Candy best describes them as she recently dissed them pertaining their manhood.

The controversial actress and mother of one explained that men from the South have small organisms after she had felt the touch of a man from the region who had come to dance with her.

She stated that the hardness of the man's organism made her have the a good feeling of it but was not moved because it was so small.

In her words, “Chei! Yoruba Boys with their Small Small organisms and dem go dey think sey dem be all that with Borrow Pose. Na Today? He was grinding my Butt on the Dance Floor the thing was so hard but I could feel they were so Tiny. I did not care about yuh shiny car, am done!”

Could this actually be true? Well it is left for the men and some women to reply her though.

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By: Babalola Oluwatcreat