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I Am Sure To Get Judgment Against Onyeka Onwenu – Tony Okoroji


Chairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji, has expressed confidence that ultimately, he will get judgment against singer, Onyeka Onwenu in the N750 million libel suit he filed against Ms. Onwenu.

Chief Okoroji who is away in the United States of America, in reaction to the recent judgment of Mrs. I.O. Kassali of the Lagos High Court in Suit No ID/185/2012, sent in a message saying that he has instructed his lawyers to file and vigorously pursue an appeal in the matter and that he is informed that they have already swung into action.

Said Chief Okoroji: “It should not be forgotten that Vanguard Newspapers which published the very vexatious statements of Ms. Onwenu against me, on November 19, 2012, published an unreserved public apology to me and paid my legal costs. This was because they found no basis for the despicable statements of Onyeka Onwenu”. According to Chief Okoroji, the steps he is taking are not whimsical, ego driven or motivated by anger but because he is a great believer in the rule of law and that in the new Nigeria, it is important to give everyone the confidence that the law works and that no one is above the law.

In the words of the former President of PMAN, “I went to court in the first instance because I have nothing to hide. It may take a while but I am certain that I will get judgment at the end of the day. That is why we have the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court to review judgments. I did not embark on this process with the expectation that it will end in one day. I am ready to take it to its logical conclusion. That is why I caution that no one should celebrate yet”.

Continuing, Chief Okoroji, the author and columnist who is one of Africa’s best known intellectual property activists said, “I know that integrity may not matter to many in Nigeria today in the atmosphere of free for all pursuit of money. Integrity however means everything to me. Those who are familiar with my experience with the Nigerian legal system will bear witness to the fact that I will not allow anyone to recklessly or wickedly damage my name. If people cannot trust me, I cannot effectively do the work that I do or take the positions that I take.

“Since the matter in question was filed, I have been to court several times waiting for Ms. Onwenu or anyone else to bring evidence that I fraudulently took one naira that does not belong to me. It is important to note that not even one person has shown up with any such evidence. Rather, they have left the substance and danced from one technicality to another to avoid the consequences of their action. I have no doubt whatsoever that ultimately, justice will be done”.

Personal Assistant to Chief Tony Okoroji