Ibom Power MD Urges Engineers To Uphold Ethics Of The Profession


The Managing Director of Ibom Power Company, Dr. Victor Udo has urged Engineers to uphold ethics of the profession.

He spoke at the seminar organized by the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) tagged “Infrastructure Decay: A case study of AkwaIbom State”.

The MD said that “Engineers ought to be at the vanguard of infrastructure development and management for sustainable development”.

He urged Engineers to “be involved in the technical, financial and public policy aspects of infrastructure development”.

He said “if Engineers concentrate only on the technical aspect, neglecting the other two, the problem of infrastructure decay will persist”.

Dr. Udosaid that “the problem of infrastructure decay cannot be blamed solely on corruption because Engineers also have a role to play”.

He added that “Engineers should take responsibility for infrastructure management by shunning the use of substandard materials for infrastructure projects”.

Dr. Udo spoke further that “infrastructure decay can be minimizedif there is core competency development with private sector involvement”.

He said “core competency development includes public policy analysis, financing acumen and the technical aspects of infrastructure development”.

He added that “private sector involvement can be either through BuildOwn and Transfer (BOT) or Build Own and Operate (BOO)”.

The MD concluded that “to curb the problem of infrastructure decay there must be improved management and maintenance culture for sustainable development”.