My Responsibilities Has Hindered Me From Knowing My Age…CharlyBoy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

One of Nigeria's veteran singer and social crusader, Charles oputa better known as CharlyBoy, has disclosed that he does not really know how old he his.

The singer, wjho recently celebrated his 64th birthday in Abuja, explained that he is still surprise at the way people were able to know his age because to him, it is about his mind and body not the number.

CharlyBoy noted that whn he looks at himself, he feels he is 87 because of his amount of experience and responsibilities.

“I don't really know my age. How people came about 64 is still a surprise to me. I am not particular about how old or young the number is, what I'm concerned about is the age of my mind and the age of my body.

“From my physique and my energy, I feel like I am 35 years younger. However, going by the age of my mind, experiences, my responsibilities and wisdom I should be about 87 years of age,” Charly Boy said.