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Lydon's tribute, signed using his band name Johnny Rotten, said McLaren was “above all else … an entertainer”.

McLaren's ex-partner Dame Vivienne described him as a “very charismatic, special and talented person”.

McLaren died in a Swiss hospital on Thursday, after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last October.

When we were young and I fell in love with Malcolm, I thought he was beautiful and I still do

Vivienne Westwood
Gomp/arts blog – “Thank his granny”
McLaren and Dame Vivienne's son, Joseph Corre, said his father was “the original punk rocker” who “revolutionised the world”.

“He's somebody I'm incredibly proud of. He's a real beacon of a man for people to look up to,” he added.

Mr Corre, who founded the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, said funeral arrangements were not yet made but his father had wanted to be buried in Highgate Cemetery, north London.

McLaren had been diagnosed with mesothelioma in October.

Young Kim, 38, McLaren's partner of 12 years, said the family were “devastated” by his death and he would be “sorely missed”.

“He was a great artist who changed the world,” she added.

Westwood paid tribute to her former partner and said Joe and her other son Ben were with McLaren when he died.

What he did with fashion and music was extraordinary. He was a revolutionary

Jon Savage
“When we were young and I fell in love with Malcolm, I thought he was beautiful and I still do.

“The thought of him dead is really something very sad.”

Lydon said: “I will miss him, and so should you.”
The music industry has been vocal in its tributes, with Creation Records founder Alan McGee describing his late friend as a “visionary”.

Music journalist Jon Savage said: “Without Malcolm McLaren there would not have been any British punk.

“He's one of the rare individuals who had a huge impact on the cultural and social life of this nation.”