Message Of Felicitation To The Akwa Ibom State Governor, H.e Mr. Udom Emmanuel- From Itauma Foundation.

By Itauma Foundation
Gov. Udom Emmanuel and Mr. Sam Itauma
Gov. Udom Emmanuel and Mr. Sam Itauma

Itauma Foundations (IFOUND) is pleased to extend her heart-glowing and exceptional felicitations to His Excellency, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel on his recent swearing-in as the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria in a colorful event which took place on May 29th in Uyo.

The profile and persona of Mr. Udom are no doubt extraordinarily outstanding given his towering experience in the finance industries both in the national and international arenas; and indeed leaves no development thinking individual in doubt as to his capability in piloting the affairs of the state.

We believe that the swearing-in marks a mild stone in the annals of development, peace and the much sought-after equity of treatment and fair-play in Akwa Ibom State. Though there are yearnings in the diverse geo-political and tribal settings, we have overwhelming confidence that the new face of peace and a united Akwa as symbolized in Mr. Emmanuel will practically settle such yearnings and ambivalence which are sometimes common phenomenon of old scars of distrust and unfulfilled aspirations.

It's our strongest conviction that Mr Emmanuel will evolve Akwa Ibom State to the speediest lane of development while deploying his outstanding and veteran managerial acumen to elevate Akwa Ibom State to an enviable status that it deserves.

Unambiguously, there're lots of simmering and high expectations from the people of the state generally for the newly elected governor to bring about drastic and fundamental changes in the state, we want to state , without reservations that no one can change the social engineering of a state overnight. True changes occur in strata and gradually. There's therefore the great need for the people to exude their innate sense of patience and maturity while encouraging the governor to systematically re-engineer the new sense of direction of the state.

As a charity and humanitarian body whose latent and overt mission is to lend a helping hand to the needy people in our society, including women and children; enlightening and orientating the society, we strongly crave the indulgence of Your Excellency to the widespread superstitious beliefs to wit: power of divination, demon spank, and witchcraft which cause unfathomable fear and anxiety that has become the leading cause of disharmony, distaste and distrust in families and our society at large.

Nonetheless, failure to holistically address this grey issue in the past has compelled people to horrifically mistreat and abandon their loved ones including elderly women and children; not minding their vulnerability and incapacitation.

Once again, congratulations Your Excellency, Mr Udom Emmanuel, the new face of peace and equity in Akwa Ibom State.

Sam Ikpe Itauma
Executive Director
Itauma Foundation (IFOUND)