World Bank To Spend $50million On Roads Construction/Rehabilitation In Adamawa State

By Tom Garba, Yola

A contract worth $50 Million was awarded by World Bank to constructs/rehabilitates 57.9 km rural road that is linking Labondo in Gerei LGA and Borrong in Demsa LGA respectively of Adamawa state.

The Governor of the state, Sen.Umaru Mohammed Jibrila Bindow who flag off the road rehabilitation restated his commitment in bringing people close to government with good policies.

He told the people of Labondo village during the flagging off ceremony of constructing of a 57.4km of phase one of 201km to be constructed and rehabilated by the help of other developmental partners,Adamawa state will provide more than half of the money ($32million) through counterpart funding.

Bindow further assures the people of southern part of the state of constructing a road that will connects the people of old Demsa,kadamoun and Demsa town all in Demsa LGA.

The chief of staff of the state government,Alhaji Abduraham Abba Jimeta added that,there is no excuse for them not to work though their government inherited huge amount of debts incured by the previous goeverment.

"We have finished formal arrangement with Triacta construction company to come Adamawa to settle for bussiness that will last for two years,they will be working on the delibetating roads of Jambutu,Yola town,Batchure and Wurre jebbe". Abba said

On his response the co-ordinator of Roads Access and Mobility Project (RAMP-2),Adamawa state,Engr Paul Bafyau appreciates the donor agencies and developmental partners ( World Bank, French government through French intervention project and the Adamawa state) for investing huge amount of money in helping the people of the state.

He called on all benefited communities to make sure they judiciously use the roads to enhance socio-economy activities of the state,not allow themselves to be those that will hamper the good will of government,who will also abuse the use of the road.