Our "Naked" Legislooters!

Don't doubt their resolve on this demand of shame...wardrobe allowances to the tune of billions! Raiment however exquisite of design or cut cannot cover the nakedness of a thief!

These men bereft of shame...and comportment...and reason!

So...so perplexing that after all our efforts at seeing-off the last administration and seeing-in the new one, we have been compelled yet again, by the profligacy of our rulers to yap and grumble and scold and groan...so soon!

I had the brief misfortune of watching one lawyer-turned legislooter on tv yesterday...a man who I saw on okada only recently...as he shamelessly defended this booty in staccato english! Believe you me, the body language of these rogues is not in doubt!

They are determined to suck Nigerians dry!
These proud bastards of the Nigerian household!
They have no qualms...and brook no restraint...to visit trust with blatant betrayal...and slew it on the altar of greed!

They were elected...in trust...to make laws for the common good...but would not think much of making those laws just to feather their nests...and fatten their bellies!

So they raid out treasuries under the cover of the laws they themselves make!

Bayode J Oluwasanmi.
"The brutes at the National Assembly have consigned poor Nigerians to the pit of despair. The gathering cloud comprised of the wages of sins of the legislators can be viewed on the horizon by those who have eyes to see. We're moving to a stage where we'll have to fight back and get rid of these pharaohs by any means necessary." - Bayode J. Oluwasanmi

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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