I Always Relax With A Bottle Of Wine—Praiz

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nigerian singer, Praiz Adejo, has disclosed that he cannot say when he will give marriage a thought. He stated that for now, he is leaving all to God to handle.

Praiz gained recognition when he participated in a reality show with the eventual winner, Iyanya, some years ago. He emerged a finalist in the competition. And since then, he has tried to stay relevant in the highly competitive industry.

Talking about his collaboration with DR Congolese star, Awilo Logomba on the song, 'Oshey,' Praiz said he contacted the top African singer on social media network.

Praiz also disclosed that he gets nervous before mounting the stage to perform.

He made this known when asked by a fan of his if he gets nervous before a performance, which he simply replied, “Yes, I do get nervous before a performance.”

According to him, he relaxes watching a movie on his bed with a bottle of wine by his side.

“(I play soccer and watch) movies in bed with a bottle of wine,” Praiz said during a question and answer session on Twitter on Wednesday, June 2, 2015 when asked of his leisure activities.