By MATHEW obaro

Hearty shouts of Merry Christmas ring throughout Nigeria on 25th December, 2009. With Christian converts being scattered across the breadth of the country, the celebrations are painted in regional colours gloriously reflecting unity in diversity. Celebratory zeal and spirit remain unchanged; traditions associated with the festival may show a stark contrast. The 'spirit of Christmas' definitely comes alive. In fact, Christmas is affectionately called 'big day'.

Christmas celebration is about adding joy to your Christmas by offering words that amplify this season's true meaning. As an added bonus, we'll be serving this joy with a generous side order of grace, a splash of humour, and a touch of truth to make it all worthwhile.

The world and churches around celebrate Christmas; the question now is “How do they celebrate it? Is it by the way of God or the way of the world, as a Christian?

Sometimes when asking people what Christmas means to them, they will tell you different things as an answer, like purely for enjoyment. I also had that same definition on my mind too but I later found out that God's way of Christmas celebration is far different from men's way of celebrating - it is then l saw what Prophet T.B Joshua has done in the life of the less privileged in this festive season, it is so touching.

Prophet T.B Joshua celebrates with the needy and the less privileged that are comprise the blind, handicapped, deaf and dumb people etc. on that Christmas day he visited some of the homes of the needy in Lagos state, places like Alabarago, Ojo local government Area and Gidikano, Agege local government Area.

He showed love and made them realize that God feels what they are feeling too, they should not think there is no one to help them through the pains and difficulty they face each day that passes by. God is aware. He gave bags of rice and a cash gift of N300, 000 to each home for them to renovate their environment mostly the toilet and the water they drink because the environment they stay is not a thing to talk about and the water is a pain to the stomach; it may look nice in their faces but a killer pot to their body.

During his tour to the vicinity, he saw a group of people that found themselves in the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking Indian hemp without a change of mind. What really surprised me was seeing a prophet sitting in the midst of these people, watching them perform without holding back from the odour of smoke that is coming out from their mouths, wow! He also shared words of wisdom with them and made them feel free as if, he was part of them. He did not as much as to cover his nose to prevent the odour. Rather he listened to them to make them see him as a friend. I hadn't not seen this type of spectacle in my life. He went further to ask them what they intended to do with their life for them to make a perfect change from their habit. Some of them said they wanted to go back to school, while some others were interested in learning a trade to enable them become useful in life. It was really interesting watching the whole event on EMMANUEL T.V.

What a source of hope from T.B Joshua is to the needy! He demonstrated that there is more joy in giving than in receiving! It is a challenge for all of us to rededicate ourselves to the act of giving especially in festive seasons. lf you are celebrating your Christmas in a way that will not bring smiles the face of the needy and orphans that means you are out of line as a Christian. Let's bring smiles to the eyes of people that are suffering and not helping only our family. Everyone belongs to the family of Christ. Remember the scriptures make us to understand that we are blessed to bless others, no matter the condition will find ourselves we are destined to make a change in someone's life.

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