‎‎Ramadan: Nigeria Muslim Students expresses concern over oppressed brethren in Islamic states, missing Aremu Gawat


The 1436 (2015) Ramadan provide an opportunity for Muslims and Nigerians to be pious and pray for Nigeria's development, the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has said.

The students-based ‎society in a Ramadan message by its Amir, Kaamil Kalejaiye Oloriomokewu, congratulated Muslims for witnessing another bountiful month.

According to Oloriomokewu, a high level of dedication is needed from Muslims and Nigerians during the holy month for Allah's mercies and blessings; national integration and development.

He urged the ‎fasting Muslims to make appropriate use of the month to increase their piety, right conducts and concerns for fellow brethren regardless of their locations.

The Amir said, "All thanks is due to Allah who has made us witness another bountiful month of Ramadan. It is an opportunity we must use to increase our piety through regular acts of worship.‎ I pray that Allah brings us the new moon with security and faith, peace, harmony and religious understanding.‎ This is indeed another opportunity to gain mercies and blessings of Allah; stand up now to worship your creator."

While advising Muslims to maximise rewards,
Oloriomokewu‎ pleaded that Islam and Nigeria's developments should not be left out during supplications.

‎He explained that intervention by Allah and the right pursuit of desired change were capable of putting Nigeria to her preferred state of development, having witnessed several calamities.

Among the areas he specifically called for prayer on were good governance, security, religious tolerance, education and general welfare.

"As we pray for the growth of Islam all over the world, we should not forget thousands of lives that have been lost to terrorism, the numerous people that have kidnapped and killed. The insecurity today is what has made the disappearance of Alhaji Aremu Gawat a mystery that has not been unravelled over the years. ‎We call on the world leaders in the spirit of Ramadan to stand and support the cause of the oppressed; such as the death sentence of political activsts in Egypt, sufferings of Muslims in Burmah, persistent blockade in Gaza. With the special month of Ramadan, h‎ostilities and fatalities all over the world, such as Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine among others should also end.

"We should also supplicate for good governance in Nigeria. Our country needs good leaders. Leaders that will rule with the fear of God and won't be bias. Leaders that won't promote the demolition of mosques and prevention of Hijab and encourage criminal activities. Good leaders are key to the nation's development and we must not stop praying for them (leaders)," he added.