Inside facts of Taliban attack on Afghan parliament, expense funds by news & media conglomerates

Inside sense of Afghan Parliament attack by Taliban.
Inside sense of Afghan Parliament attack by Taliban.

In this day of 22 June 2015 timed around 10:30 a.m. Afghan parliament attacked by Taliban. The spokesman for the Afghan government interior ministry, Sediq Seddiqi, said the gunmen had attempted to storm the parliament building itself after the gates were breached by the suicide bomb. Taliban suicide members are detonated a huge car bomb outside the parliament gates, stormed the compound, and then entered a building next to the chamber. Afghan government official reported that at least 18 people have been wounded. Including a MP also wounded information found by the world media. In this day Afghan government took initiative to introduce newly appointed Defence Minister Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai. On May 21, 2015 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani announced Stanekzai as nominee for the Minister for Defense.

Surely it is very sad news for the whole humanity and the global order of political science, and the global security too. Why we do not able to control over the multi-level terrorism worldwide?

Initial analysis found that the most powerful persons are them whoever controls the world’s news and media. Every largest media group, corporation and conglomerates owner is richer persons. I would not like to mention any news agency, media, and corporation or conglomerates name. But they would not less than in any sides of world’s riches and powerful persons. Besides their news business, many a media mogul also belongs to the corporate level business. Their networks are spread all over the world.

I would like to request every espionage agencies in the all country to inquiry first, if the such terrorism activities financial expense funded from the news and media group conglomerates — directly, indirectly or by the any of their friends concerns.

Today Afghan government attacked by the Taliban — yesterday was another one — and — tomorrow should be another one.

So, Afghan government cannot takeover it alone, if the America and Europe’s largest news media conglomerates and their alliance directly or indirectly funded behind to the activities of parliament attack to produce and cover world’s most attractive and thrilled news. So, if the world seriously wants to stop it, every government they should have to take step to find out from where such largest and powerful funds come. Otherwise, when government and intelligence organization also support and promote them, we the people have nothing to do only to be anxious about global security.

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