Former legislator seeks local government, states assemblies’ autonomy

By Tom Garba,Yola

Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulmumuni Song, former member Adamawa House of Assembly has appealed to state houses of assembly to collectively reverse the local governments and states joint account law.

Abdulmumuni who represented Song state constituency for two terms made the call on Thursday while speaking to newsmen in Yola.

He said the local government and states joint account became an avenue siphoning the resources allocated local councils by state governors.

According to him, it has impeded the provision of dividends of democracy to the grassroots.

He however, said that the reenactment of the law could be cumbersome as all the 36 houses of assembly must have inputs before it would be reenacted.

The enactment of local government/states joint account has not favored the local government administration in this country.

it has become an avenue for state governors to siphon the meager resources being allocated to local governments.

This has militated against the provision of dividends of democracy by local government tier of government.

I urged the states houses of assembly to collectively reverse the Act to allow autonomy for local councils.

Although, I believe that the review of such law could be cumbersome as all states inputs would be required.’’

Abdulmumuni also urged the state governors to give autonomy to states houses of assembly.

He said that such could guarantee check and balances hence principles of separation of power.

He also said that the autonomy would give state legislators free hands to carry out their legislative businesses without the executive interference.

The former law maker also noted that lack of autonomy to states assemblies could portray them as `rubberstamp’ to their state executives.

``The lack of autonomy for states houses of assembly brings about the issue of sending memos to the executives for their bits of expenditure they intend to carry out.

``This leads to the crisis of legitimacy, crisis of impunity and efficient legislation.’’

Abdulmumuni commended Gov. Jibrille Bindow of Adamawa for his non interference in the emergence of the 8th House of Assembly leadership in the state.

He advised other state governors not to avoid undue interference in the legislative affairs of their states.

According to him, the beginning of the new administration in Adamawa has given signals that the current administration is promoting liberal democracy.

He noted that the practices of the past administrations in the area of legislative interference seemed to be over.

Abdulmumuni however, urged the Adamawa State House of Assembly to work in harmony with the present administration to avoid the experience of the past.

He also noted that the state had experienced successive political crises in the past, adding that such had impeded the development of the state.