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Ramadan Prayers

By Mujeebat Idris (Peace Foundation School, Onikolobo, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Ramadan is here
The month of Ramadan is the month of blessing.
The month of happiness.
The month of forgiveness.
The month of mercy.
O Allah,I give thanks to you,for letting me been alive to see this Ramadan.

O Allah, let me be alive to see the forthcoming Ramadan.

O Allah,in this month of blessing,shower your greatest blessing on me.

O Allah,in this month of happiness on me,let me be happy.

O Allah,increase me in knowledge.
O Allah,increase me in hearing.
O Allah,increase me in sight.
O Allah,increase my faith.
O Allah,let me overcome my enemies as you allow our Noble Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) to over come the people who want to kill him by letting them to sleep.

O Allah,let me be the light that will guide everybody.

O Allah,let me be rich.
O Allah,let my parent be rich my sisters,my teachers,my love ones and all Muslims.

O Allah,count me,my parents my teachers and all Muslims Amon the pious ones in this world and the hereafter .

O Allah,increase my strength.
O Allah,let me observe my solat daily.
O Allah,in this month of Forgiveness,forgive me my sins.

O Allah,in this month of mercy,have mercy on me,my household, my state and my country.

having something to argue gives meaning,direction,action and thinking to life
By: Iddi Ibrahim