Iwuoha’s Fresh Allegation Against Ex-speaker’s Aides, Confirmation Of Blackmail, Persecution Etc-assembly Correspondent.

By Imo Breaking News, Nigeria

A member of the Imo state House of Assembly correspondent, Mr Ezebudo Obioha, has described the fresh allegation against the ex-speaker’s aides by a sacked aide of the Speaker, Samuelson Iwuoha, as a confirmation of blackmail, persecution, malice and Vendetta, as well as the fac t the Mr. Iwuoha is still moaning and nit-picking over his sack in 2013, for gross misconduct, non-performance and irregular behavior.

Adding that, allowing unscrupulous and mischievous characters like Samuelson Iwuoha to take advantage of the theory of the downtrodden and a willing platform(sponsors) to smear the image of innocent and patriotic Imolites, just to massage their hateful and vindictive hearts, will spell doom for Imo citizens , because no one knows who is next.

Ezebudo, said that while Iwuoha, has tried unsuccessfully to concoct fictitious tales, ranging from sharp practices to any inexplicable thing one can think about, just to revenge his sack from the Speakers office, the fresh unsubstantiated allegation against the former Speaker’s aides, domestic staff and security personals has further removed every doubt as to the motive behind his smear campaign.

He condemned what he described as Samuelson Iwuoha’s strange decision to threaten the newly elected Speaker with blackmail and ruthless attack if he decides to work with people he is not disposed to, saying that such action smacks of dangerous desperation, which tries to rubbish and desecrate the exalted office of the Speaker, as well as infringe on the freedom of association right of the Speaker.

While buttressing the fact that Mr Iwuoha has in the cause of his campaign to tannish the image of the Speaker, turned himself into the most caricatured Imolite, and in the order hand, the Speaker’s popularity has soared to an unprecedented magnitude, maintained that; ‘’ the new Speaker, knows the aides mentioned, in and out. He knows those who are ready to lay down their lives for him and those who has blackmailed him before. He understands blackmailing antics, he knows that if he meets their first demand, they will come up with higher demands’’.

He praised the former Chief Press Secretary to the former Speaker of the state Assembly, Emeka Ahaneku, for his transparency and his determination to uphold integrity, accountability and prompt payment of stipends to Assembly correspondents, as well as his courage to ignore mr Iwuoha in the face of unwarranted provocations and unsubstantiated accusation.