DROK ENERGY JOURNAL: Rig Secured for Aje Drilling by Dr Wole Kupolokun

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Energyvoice.com reports that Panoro has secured a rig on Nigerias OML 113. The operators (Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum) agreed on contract terms with Saipem for the use of Scarabeo 3 to carry out the drilling and completion for the Aje field Cenomanian oil development.

The Aje field contains hydrocarbon resources in sandstone reservoirs at three main levels – a Turonian gas condensate reservoir, a Cenomanian oil reservoir and an Albian gas condensate reservoir.

John Hamilton, chief executive of Panoro Energy states: “Panoro is very pleased to be entering into the rig contract for the drilling and completion of the Aje development wells”. The rig will be moved to the Aje drilling location and will be used to carry out well operation for the first phase of the oil field development, which includes two subsea production wells.

The well operations will comprise the completion of the existing Aje-4 well as a production well, and the drilling and completion of a new well, Aje-5, which will be drilled to the Aje-2 subsurface location.

The Aje-2 well demonstrated high reservoir productivity in a Cenomanian production test conducted in 1997, flowing approximately 3,700 bpd under sub-optimal well conditions (marketwatch.com).

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