One Thing I Hate About The Rivers-APC Social Media Attack-Dogs...They Lie Too Much

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It is no more news that I am NOT a Chief Wike fan, it is also no news that I am an ardent supporter of Dr.Dakuku Adol Peterside (the APC Governorship Candidate of Rivers State).

Though I am not a card-carrying member of the APC and I do not belong to any political party, but I am fearlessly still standing with Dr.Dakuku until the end of the matter. If the tribunal declares Barr. Nyesom Wike winner, I shall support the Chief Nyesom Wike 's Government but still be with my Candidate (Dakuku). Notwithstanding, I will not dissipate my precious time here arguing whether I love or hate Chief Nyesom Wike , albeit, he is the current Governor of my State for now, I cannot change that.

Mind you, Last time I checked, I couldn't find in any section or subsection of the 1999 Constitution (as Amended) where it is mandamus that I must love or hate any Nigerian. My non-support for Wike and Buhari is not a show of hate, it is my inalienable right to support who I choose to support. However, you can sit on a tack for all I care if you do not like my standpoint.

Now, speaking on how some "fura-da-nunu" aka kindergarten Rivers-APC cyber tigers attacked me years and months back for criticising some bad policies and practices of former Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is to say the least. One thing I have learned about the Rivers-APC social media team is that; they tend to display chronic amnesia and shameless forgetfulness and they always want to rewrite history whenever the game do not favour them. Well, I am not a sycophant and I cannot be one now haven left Egypt for Canaan already. When it favours you, you guys would keep quiet and rather embellish it with all the best things on earth.

To some of you, Rt.Hon.Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is the best thing that has happened to humanity after the discovery of crude OIL in Nigeria, I agree for peace sake. You have also adorned him (Amaechi) with all the victorious/conquering and saintly paintings so much so that, today, you guys calls him the "lion of this and that" etc, some of you even went as far as saying he is Nigeria's new political 'General'. Well, I will not contest or argue on those, talk is cheap and I have no issues with his new names. If you like, say CRA is the only knight of Saint Limpopo and the Chief-Knight of Mulumba, no qualms. Na you get your mouth.

My dear Rivers people, without creating any Kilimanjaro out of a molehill, if any of you fears GOD Almighty you'll agree with me that the last fours years was catastrophic, disastrous, very very sectional and Rivers State was conspicuously stagnant. We made no progress in terms of development in the last four years. Instead, the last four years marked the height of our disintegration, disunity, stagnancy, poverty rate Tripled, etc. As always, I blame not only the then political actors (at the Presidency and the State), I also blame the today's victory crooners and the gullible lots (you and I).

We do not need a soothsayer to tell us how the former Governor (CRA) relocated the State House of Assembly to his toilet. I haven't forgotten how he had two sets of Speakers (a ceremonial Speaker for 'official signing of documents' and the underdog Speaker for special-personal and tribal assignments). We know them.

The painful part of it is; the Governor's disrespectful penchant for sickening and mind-boggling borrowing with express approval by the State Assembly. The distasteful, spiteful and selective contract approvals for even aliens all in the name of party men etc within the last four years of the CRA's administration. I cannot forget in a hurry the outright incarceration of some tribes and areas in the State within the last four years by Gov.CRA. I reiterate, me supporting Dr.Dakuku Adol Peterside does not mean I am blinded by these wickedness from the past (CRA's) administration.

In as much as I do not support continuation of this stupidity of borrowing and and enriching yourself and your tribesmen and women at the detriment of the entirety of the people, I will not sit here and write some amateur notes to criticise Chief Nyesom Wike for borrowing less than 2% of what CRA borrows at a go to kick-start his Government. Although, I am keenly waiting on the tribunal's final verdict.

Whether Wike would be the second version of the Sir Celestine Omehia 's short-lived stint or not. As in, I mean whether Chief Wike will be "Omehiaed" soon out of office by the tribunal or not, Rivers State must move on pending that time. So, how do you want him to run the State if you've began taking him to the cleaners for mere N10b that he'd borrowed to kick-start his Government? In less than 90days, Nigeria experienced the highest level of borrowing in the annals of history. Over N300b or more was borrowed in three months within the last one and half years by Governor Amaechi.

Till date these monies are unaccounted for and the projects for which they were borrowed cannot be sighted anywhere in the State. Then it was the right thing for a Government to do, but now. I am still wondering why some Rivers people like to smoke the wrong weed all the time? Why is truth so far away from these social media attack-dogs?

Another blunder and shameless criticism on the Chief Wike's 17days old administration is the area of "Sanitation". Thing is, all the arguments and accusations I've read on this (Rivers Sanitation) are rather unfortunate. I am discontented that people are no longer objective and that, politics have taken the better part of our GOD given hippocampus. If not, I am shocked that people forget things so easily just to suit them.

It pains me that some of Amaechi's men have the temerity to accuse Wike of an unclean Rivers State. Some of them even went as far as posting pictures of how unkept and dirty Port Harcourt has been for years forgetting their principal (CRA) was in-charge until 29th of May. This to me, is not only insulting to us (Rivers people), but it offends our sensibilities that these Amaechi fastest-fingers social media attack-dogs do not think before they use their keyboards. As shameful as this looks, I will humbly urge these guys to refrain from this shameful acts of ignorance on the virtual platform. I believe in being objective even though I may not hold your viewpoint, I hate misinforming the people. Blame Amaechi for making Port Harcourt and its environs a receptacle site, not Wike who's yet to display his direction of Governance.

Finally, even if you misconstrued my post or because you're allergic to truths, therefore, you have chosen to misconstrue this piece I care not. My take is; whilst we await our principal's (Dr.Dakuku) victory at the tribunal, let us give Wike the needed support to work pending the tribunal's outcome. If you must criticise, be objective (whether Buhari or Wike).

Let us desist from the lies we often post to deceive Nigerians about our State. Gov.CRA did so well (by my standards) in his first tenure, but for his disastrous second tenure. Also, I have no problem with those who said Ameachi is their 'god ' and Wike their 'angel'. After all, it is anyone's right to worship whoever and whatever her/she likes, for me I have only One GOD (JEHOVAH). Just stop deceiving Rivers people and Nigerians with your lies, be objective.

It's me again,
"MNO writes from the Rivers State Government-betrayed "Krakrama Community" of Asari-Toru LGA".

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